The first seat for your baby: these are the nicest bouncers

Tiny Love

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Are you in the kitchen and the little one sitting further down in the bouncer? With this variant of Tiny Love you always have a view of him, because the chair is very convenient to set at eye level. There are also music and soft vibrations for him.
– Adjustable, detachable bow with two toys
– Three operating positions: high chair, rocker and rest position
– Easy to adjust from one position to another

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X Adventure

Some rockers, like this one from X Adventure, have a rocking function. This way your baby can rock while lying in the seat. Thanks to the head reducer, it can be used from birth, so your little one will probably fall asleep in no time.
– LED touch panel and remote control
– Equipped with built-in speaker
– Bluetooth connection to connect phone or tablet

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Bloom Coco

The chair if you have a modern interior. The cover is completely made of cotton and is removable, so no worries about spit stains: you can throw it in the washing machine.
– Suitable from birth up to 12 kg
– Curved one-piece pressed wood frame
– Gently rocking movement

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Baby Björn

One of the best-known bouncers, which you can fold in no time: handy to take with you to grandpa and grandma or on vacation. The ergonomically shaped seat is extra supportive for your baby’s back, neck and head.
– Suitable from birth to approximately 2 years
– Adjustable in three positions
– Cover is washable at 40 ° C

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If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, but are looking for a good, solid bouncer, go for this lightweight bouncer from Baninni. Your baby is soothed with soft vibrations and twelve different melodies and the seat is easy to adjust.
– Removable headrest and shredding pad
– 3-point safety belt
– Can be used from birth up to 9kg

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