The first gameplay screenshots from the new Battlefield -apkrig have escaped

While the official unveiling of the new Battlefield on June 9 is still pending, DICE developers and EA continue to face repeated leaks. After the gradual release of most of the intended trailer, the first screenshots directly from the game have now been released to the public in an unofficial way.

So who was it this time?

They are generally believed to come from a recent closed test that was accessed by selected influencer and youtuber players. Therefore, part of the images again cover the black areas in places where there was undoubtedly the original watermark, which would identify the cause of the leak.

Although there are only a few screenshots and they are of low quality, they basically suggest some of what appeared earlier in the information from the insiders. In addition to widespread destruction, we should look forward to dynamic weather and alternating day and night in multiplayer. All this under a system that, at least unofficially, the developers refer to as Levolution 2.0.

We can also see some of the means of battle mentioned earlier. The authenticity of the screenshots was also confirmed by the well-known insider Tom Henderson, who warned that fans should not judge the game by pre-alpha shots. It also attracts an unprecedented degree of customization.

Coincidentally, EA has also launched its own viral marketing these days. Some influencers have begun to receive private messages saying that war is the only way home. Of course, this is nothing new. Similar “coded” messages and hints are used not only by the authors of Battlefield from DICE, but also by the developers of Call of Duty in the same way. After all, some players don’t even believe that the screenshots escaped by accident.

EA chief Andrew Wilson said in a recent interview with Bloomberg that the new Battlefield will be huge, so we’ll see what awaits us. Following the formal announcement on June 9, the game will be presented in detail on July 22 at EA Play Live. And we can’t wait to see what materials the company will eventually prepare for these occasions.

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