The first bigger new addition to Android Q will please phone owners with AMOLED

It’s no secret that Google is gradually starting to use Dark Apps for its applications. Last year, we could see the dark mode on YouTube, News, Contacts, etc. Many people were hoping that Android 9 Pie would bring complete support to the dark regime. It did not happen. Finally, you need to wait for the upcoming version. Google

Google Android Employee Darkness Confirmed by Google Employee

In the Bug tracker for Chromium, there was one interesting sentence about provided by one of Google’s employees . He wrote that dark mode is an approved feature for Android Q . At the same time Google asks all preinstalled applications to support native mode . Prepared must be by May 2019.

This means, among other things, that in the coming months will see other Google applications with dark mode support . So, we should soon be able to get support in Chrome and / or Gmail. In addition to this statement, the server also has several internal Google documents, where clearly states that users have a dark look bug tracker tmavy mode android q “title =” bug tracker tmavy mode android q ” that as soon as the Android Q Qoom is first talked about abroad for the first time, Google’s original post is no longer available to Bug Tracker for classic users but it can only be seen by other Google specialty employees.

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