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The fingerprint reader in the Samsung Galaxy S21 series will be larger and more accurate

Leaker Ice Universe claims that the fingerprint reader in the Galaxy S21 series will be completely new. We saw this technology at Samsung at the beginning of 2019, when it was introduced together with the Galaxy S10 series. The same technology was used for the Galaxy S20, but now the fingerprint reader is supposed to be completely new and much better.

Fingerprint reader in the Galaxy S21 series

The sensor under the AMOLED display should have a total 64 mm square. It probably won’t tell you anything, but given the fact that the previous version had only 36 mm square, we find that it is 77% increase, which in our opinion is a huge improvement. Leaker further claims that the South Korean giant has mastered the technology so much that it should not face the problems we have dealt with in previous generations. When Samsung first introduced the reader under the display, it was no glory. It only worked with selected foils or protective glass, and sometimes a completely stranger unlocked the phone.

Ice Universe further claimsthat instead of long pressing to unlock the phone, just quick tap / touch. The unlocking speed should be increased by another 50%, which would be a huge improvement and ease of use for everyday use.

What do you think about the readers below the display?

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