The FilmBox + streaming service is coming to Slovakia. What does it offer?

A new streaming service from the Dutch company SPI International – FilmBox + has arrived in Slovakia. The service replaces the FilmBox Live application and, in addition to streaming movies and series, will also allow you to watch live broadcasts of selected stations.

“We are pleased to launch our brand new FilmBox + product, which will replace FilmBox Live from today. Available through operators and partner platforms, FilmBox + provides a seamless and comprehensive entertainment experience that puts the customer at the center of attention. ” said Berk Uziyel, CEO of SPI International.

The service offer consists mainly of lesser-known films, and if you prefer series, FilmBox + is not for you. You currently have only 19 series to choose from, but more should be added to the menu in the future. In addition to movies and series, the service also allows you to watch non-stop HD live broadcasts of the following 12 channels:

  • Filmbox
  • 360 Tune Box
  • Filmbox Premium
  • Filmbox Extra HD
  • Filmbox Stars
  • Filmbox Family
  • Fightbox
  • Fashionbox
  • Docubox
  • Fast N Funbox
  • Arthouse Filmbox
  • Gametoon

FilmBox + streaming service for 7 days free of charge

You can try the service for 7 days for free and after the trial period you can subscribe for € 4.99 per month. You can stream on any of your devices, applications for Android and iOS as well as for smart TVs are available.

The application environment is entirely in Slovak and the titles themselves are dubbed into Czech or have Czech subtitles. After logging in, you will see a menu of movies, series and TV stations, which are divided by genre. The application also offers the possibility to search for individual titles by their name, but it already lacks more complex filtering.

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