The fight with Google is getting into a stalemate. Money is missing

If it is necessary to point out the non-competitive behavior of companies such as Google, it always ends in a lawsuit. And you need to have a big budget because Google has it.

The US government is in trouble because of the budget

Not only Google, but also the other American company Apple, has to face a lawsuit filed by the US government. She fears that it is the abuse of the dominant position of such giants that is damaging the market. The European Union also has problems with Google, resulting in fines in addition to disputes.

But if he wants to government to engage in a protracted battle with Google and its dominant market players, it must have sufficient resources to do so. This is not a problem on the part of a company that has a market value of over one trillion dollars. The government system, depending on the set resources and budget, can struggle with that.

Source: Miroslav Schwamberg

At the moment by December 2021, she had filed a lawsuit against Google and Apple for abusing her position in the U.S. market. However, the activities stopped because the unapproved time of spending on these activities meant that the lawsuit had not yet been filed. It is speculated that this will happen in March this year.

Even with as much public spending as the US administration has, it can be a challenge to find millions of dollars to sue and enforce antitrust standards. This example outlines and defines the current form of operation of large companies, which simply control the market and determine its framework. And when they get used to the fact that governments have to look for considerable financial resources to subdue them, the whole problem can be narrowed down to who will have more money in the fight.

2 years of preparations without results

The U.S. government prepared the entire filing for two years and investigated Google and Apple to stop filing the lawsuit. This, of course, can change once a given part of the budget is processed and approved. This paradox may not be decisive for the European environment, where the situation is similar in that the big players on social networks are also able to deal with the fines imposed, because they do not represent a big intervention for their budgets.

And this is definitely a problem, because if a rule is set that every problem can be redeemed, then there is no obstacle that would limit the companies. This has never resulted in a sharp decline in stocks or advertising revenue that would engage management and force them to make changes.

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