The Ferber method: does it really work?

The Ferber method is a way to put your child to sleep and works as follows: you put your baby awake in bed after his evening routine and leave his room. Is he starting to cry? Then you wait five minutes before you start comforting your child. After five minutes, leave the bedroom and – if your baby starts crying again – wait ten minutes before calming him down. You build up this schedule every day and keep longer and longer intervals in between until your child can calm himself down.

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From 6 months

“This method is controversial because every parent has an opinion about it,” says Myrthe. ‘Our experience is that it works well for some parents and babies, and not at all for others. This is because every father, mother, baby and situation is different. In addition, we recommend that you only apply the Ferber method from 6 months – before then many babies cannot calm themselves properly and this method will therefore have no effect. ‘

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Myrthe Stapper is a certified child sleep coach and founder of

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