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The FCC has confirmed some pleasant features of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

The US Federal Communications Commission or the FCC registered some interesting phone information a few hours ago Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. Thus, the most equipped model of the upcoming series of Korean phones, which will officially appear in January. The registered data confirm the arrival of several interesting elements and functions that should undoubtedly have make future prospects and owners happy. So what happened to the phone with the model designation SMG998B in the FCC?

It was confirmed mainly S-Pen electronic pen supportwhich the Note series has been proud of so far. Due to this information, there was speculation that in 2020 we saw the latest Note models. Samsung refuted this and only enticed that some elements of this series will go to other Galaxy phones. Now we know it will be at least an S-Pen. The FCC says we will see the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra as well “Hover” function, ie contactless control with this pen. However, it is quite possible that the new flagship phone will not have its own “drawer” for it and may even be in the package for an additional fee. We are curious. Other features identified by the FCC include support for UWB, NFC, wireless charging, and standard connectivity. WiFi 6E.

What do you think about using the pen to control your mobile phone?

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