The fast screen of the iPhone 13 Pro is not always that fast


The new fast 120Hz screen of the iPhone 13 Pro is nice and fast, but in some cases this speed is limited. Unfortunate!

If you buy the iPhone 13 Pro to take advantage of all the best that Apple has to offer, you’ll discover that this isn’t really the case. Because with the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max, Apple finally brought its ProMotion display technology from the iPad Pro to some of its phones. This feature allows the new high-end iPhones to refresh screen content up to 120 times per second, providing a much smoother interface experience.

Fast screen iPhone 13 Pro

This technology is noticeable when scrolling, but almost every aspect of a user interface can benefit from a faster refresh rate. Unfortunately, with the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max, it seems that Apple is limiting their ProMotion screens in one notable context. This is what 9to5Mac found out. Because some new iPhones mute some animations in third-party apps down to 60Hz.

Full screen scrolling and transitions appear as expected, but other animations do not. This is very remarkable. And what makes it worse is that it’s not something you’ll see using Apple software; the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max don’t impose that same limitation on the company’s apps.


Everyone wonders that. That is why 9to5Mac contacted Apple. The situation becomes even more “special” because the iPad Pro doesn’t have a similar limit. It has treated first and third party apps equally since it was released in 2017. A source told 9to5Mac that the iPhone’s implementation may have something to do with battery life considerations.

And indeed, Apple has responded. Apple says developers need to add a new Info.plist key to sign up. This will be available soon. In addition, an upcoming software update will fix a bug. Where animations powered by Core Animation could not reach the maximum refresh rates of 120 Hz.

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