The European Union has dedicated the merger of Microsoft and ZeniMax -apkrig

Since about mid-February, the European Commission has been working on the merger of Microsoft and ZeniMax to see if this would create an undesirable monopoly in the video game market. However, as we have already indicated, regardless of the value of the acquisition of $ 7.5 billion, it was supposed to be a formality, which was confirmed these days by granting approval for further steps. “The European Commission has come to the conclusion that the proposed acquisition will not infringe competition rules, given the limited position of the player in the market and the presence of strong competitors in the distribution of video games,” said the official statement of the European Union. It is therefore safe to talk about the fact that the connection no longer stands in the way and for that reason, after two weeks, the possibility of an upcoming presentation shakes up again, at which Microsoft, resp. his gaming division will uncover plans for the future.

At the end of February, journalist Jeff Grubb from the VentureBeat portal, resp. GamesBeat and estimated that it would happen in the middle of this month. He said in the GamesBeat Decides podcast that he had no idea what the presentation would look like, but he was confident that Microsoft representatives would talk about what the acquisition meant to players and how it would affect them in the future. Now Grubb is returning to the matter following green from the European Commission and states that the presentation will take place this Thursday. “Microsoft will start answering questions [ohledně akvizice] video presentation this Thursday, March 11, “Grubb says in his article, drawing on information he was to obtain from sources familiar with internal plans.

Older titles should be discussed, which could jump in addition to the already tempting offer of the mentioned Game Pass, as Xbox representatives have talked about in recent weeks.

“Microsoft is unlikely to go into detail about Bethesda’s upcoming projects. Instead, it explains how the acquisition will affect Xbox Game Pass subscribers, “the journalist said. However, he is still sure that he will undoubtedly come up with a look into the more distant future during this year, and during the summer, according to Grubb, we should finally learn more about Starfield. Now, however, older titles should come to mind, which could jump in addition to the already tempting offer of the mentioned Game Pass, as Xbox representatives have talked about in recent weeks. In addition, Grubb is confident that we will see information on Thursday that all future games from ZeniMax studios will be available on GamePass on the day they are released, which would be expected, albeit still pleasantly surprising given the $ 7.5 billion mentioned.

In conclusion, Jeff Grubb explains that, regardless of the merger between the two companies, separate Xbox and Bethesda presentations should take place in the summer, as has been the case in recent years, and that Microsoft should continue to maintain some double-tracking. After all, it is also based on an earlier report on the creation of a new internal entity Vault, which will include ZeniMax’s studies within the internal structure. However, this is not renaming ZeniMax or Bethesda, as erroneously reported by many media, but only about the usual corporate practice, which protects the buyer in particular.

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