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The Eternal Cylinder is quite possibly one of the strangest games to come, and with a little luck it won’t be complete bullshit. But the basic idea is really crazy. You find yourself on the look of an alien planet that is rife with the life of the strangest shapes. And all this life is plagued by the title eternal war, which rolls on the surface of the planet and destroys everything that comes its way.

You are a newborn creature of the trebhum race, which looks like a two-legged elephant. But you will not look like this forever, as you will evolve on your way, your escape from the cylinder. Do you see a bouncing monster laying eggs? Peel it off and suddenly you have frog legs.

In the same way, you will learn, for example, to swim, fly, attack and generally survive on a planet where half the fauna wants to eat you. But in time, you may become a predator, because there are no limits to your imagination in the area of ​​mutations.

You don’t exchange new tricks for old ones, but they accumulate and each of them has an impact on your appearance, so you create a unique monster that none of your friends can even imitate (meaning in the game, if you have friends with frog legs, we don’t judge them either). your).

Fortunately, the cylinder can be stopped by activating strange structures, which will give you time to expand your own series. The new trebhums will follow you like a train and you can also switch between them and determine which of them will develop into what. You will perform various puzzles with them, declassify the local story, and as soon as you realize it’s time to move forward, breaking down the blue barrier will move the cylinder back and start another race for life.

You can watch the first 10 minutes of playing in the video, but you will miss a few initial surprises. The original-looking The Eternal Cylinder is now in a closed beta until March 25, which you can sign up for here. The full game should be released on computers and consoles later this year.

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