The end of the black PS5, Cyberpunk is investigating the Polish authorities and the film Borderlands from Hungary -apkrig

The wheels of the gaming industry are still spinning, but they clearly lack the speed from the end of last year. The result is a slightly lower amount of news than you are probably used to, but we did not take away from the care and interest of individual topics. For example, we’ll talk about other efforts to customize the look of the PS5 and sell the idea to people. We also discuss lesser-known titles such as Unholy, Iron Conflict or Return to Nangrim. And there is also another shift in the case of the problematic launch of Cyberpunk 2077, which is now of interest to the Office for the Protection of Competition in Poland.

List of topics

00:51 – Sales of unofficial black PS5s have been unexpectedly canceled. The seller stated that he had received serious threats. All pre-orders cancel and refund

06:26 – Aluminum Joy-Cony for Switch evokes retro hardware. How about replacing plastic with metal? Luxury accessories have small details referring to the classics

11:46 – After 22 years, Techland is leaving screenwriter and art director. His departure does not appear to be related to the possible problems of Dying Light 2. Still, it is a loss

17:21 – In the stealth horror film Unholy, a mother searches for a kidnapped child. The last city on a dying planet is swallowed up by a plague. Masks will help us to freedom

21:47 – Cyberpunk is being investigated by the Consumer Protection Agency. Finds out if CD Projekt has been mistaken for customers. There is a risk of a fine of up to 10% of annual income

25:11 – The list of incompatible PS4 games on PS5 has shrunk. You’ll be launching another older piece from the PlayStation 4 on Sony’s new console. It’s the horror of Joe’s Diner

29:16 – The content of the 12 Minutes adventure is ready, the game will be released this year. Atmospheric title with James McAvoy or Willem Dafo is waiting for the first playable version

34:51 – Iron Conflict war strategy brings both historical and modern technology. Multiplayer plays a key role here, but the authors suggest that they could do a classic campaign

39:02 – Return to Nangrim can reduce waiting for Elder Scrolls. The main role of fantasy action is dwarves. The elaborate world will tell other stories as well

45:19 – The film Borderlands will be shot in Budapest. Eli Roth caught Australian star Cate Blanchett in the lead role. Lilith will play

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