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Today’s news summary is not attended by the world champion in hiding, but you will certainly not lose the load of information. We have prepared a varied mix for you, from what is happening around the new consoles, through new interesting games, to the obligatory Cyberpunk 2077 with a comment on Monday’s information from the alleged “developer”.

List of topics

01:17 – Sony confirms the end of production of the PlayStation 4. In Japan, only the PS4 Slim with a 500GB disc will be available. Other regions may follow

05:33 – Xbox driver could get adaptive triggers. Microsoft asks how much players lack this element. The relevant patent is already available

13:04 – Cyberpunk loses players just like other story games. There is also a statement about the “escape” from the alleged developer and a set of new modifications, including a passion with Judy Alvarez

22:05 – The Sinking City is back on sale, at least for now. Nacon’s dispute with the Frogwares is not over. In the first point, however, the court ruled in favor of the publisher

29:41 – The failed MOBA Battleborn will end on January 25. It breaks the screenwriter of the play

33:36 – Minecraft Earth ends due to coronavirus. The free-to-play variation on Pokémon Go will stop working in June. The situation in the world does not want the game

36:57 – Nintendo buys the authors Luigi’s Mansion 3. Longtime partner of Next Level Games becomes an internal team. The connection is intended to improve cooperation

39:43 – A multiplayer horror is fucking a crazy doctor. The asymmetrical online title A Way To Be Dead challenges the duel hit Dead by Daylight

42:40 – After 23 years, a forgotten game was released for PlayStation 1. Magic Castle could be a hit with a number of innovative ideas. It was created with the help of the Net Yaroze platform

46:52 – Survey: How to play with the hearing impaired. Vortex and Tichý svět are conducting a survey among deaf players. The results can help

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