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Even before the coronavirus pandemic hit the world, the E3 organizers planned radical changes to the concept. So big that because of them, journalist and moderator Geoff Keighley decided not to participate in other years, and individual gaming companies, led by Sony, began to give the fair to the fair. I, too, did not look with too much optimism at the fact that more and more visitors from the ranks of video game players and fans move around the Los Angeles fairgrounds every year, although I would not like to deny them similar events. However, the collisions of several completely incompatible worlds began to occur all too significantly. Players come to the fairgrounds with enthusiasm and the vision that they will play one of the upcoming games. Representatives of gaming companies are zigzagging among them, hurrying to meetings or trying to establish business partnerships. And all this mumraj is complemented by journalists running from one end of the complex to the other, breaking through crowds of waiting players and entering into a silent confrontation every time a working person, accompanied by someone from a given gaming company, jumps over a queue standing for a few minutes to hurry elsewhere.

While ESA capitulated under the weight of circumstances last year, this year it has been announcing for several months that E3 will take place in a special mobile application and on an Internet portal.

A good signal was that ESA realized this problem, but the subsequent decision to transform E3 into a festival for players was really unexpected. They were promised gamifikační elements, competitions directly in the queues and many other opportunities to attract players and especially to attract them to the fairgrounds as much as possible. The coronavirus pandemic, of course, disrupted these plans, but while ESA capitulated under the gravity of last year, it has been warning for months that E3 will take place in a special mobile application and web portal where everyone can come and get all the information they need, but also have fun. Chat with others and unlock exclusive rewards. At this point, I would like to point out that, although we consider the United States to be a modern, technology-friendly country, it is not everywhere, and it is E3 that has been rigid even before such high races have ever taken place. As a result, it probably doesn’t surprise me that that mythical digital portal is actually just a not very functional web application that doesn’t have the slightest chance to take on, let alone play any meaningful role and entertain someone.

Access to the portal, which will be open to the public on June 12, is done through the editor of your avatar. Yes, I remember that ESA promised walks through the virtual stands of individual gaming companies, but it was foolish who imagined something elaborate. No, you simply click on the limited options in the available editor somethingWhat you may or may not look like and after a few minutes you will start exploring what this year’s E3 has to offer. You will find, for example, that those virtual stands are only profiles of a handful of companies that have taken the job and created a profile. But few – and by that I really mean the bare minimum of companies – have already had time to fill individual bookmarks with any content, so you won’t find anything in the individual sections. In the best case, you will find an invitation from large publishers to watch the upcoming conference, the date of which can also be found in the calendar, so if you click on the right day and move to a specific hour. Similarly, the bookmark of other people registered in the system seems unnecessary – yes, you can see their names, for some even the name of the employer, but there is basically no reason why you should make any contact with them. Especially on social networkswhich serves only one purpose and only for a very limited time. In a similar vein, I could go on with discussions that are also empty and I honestly don’t see anything that should persuade anyone to leave Reddit / Reseter / Twitter / any other established social network and enthusiastically throw themselves into the E3 portal.

The part in which anyone can collect points as part of “quests” and unlock those exclusive rewards, for example by watching all the trailers of a specific developer, is also insignificant and unfinished. But what the Deivous Eye Entertainment fan badge will do for us is no longer explained by ESA, and the short life cycle of the entire portal thus disqualifies this part as well. The reward for the reward does not work for anyone, especially when targeting video game players. They are masters at recognizing value and efficiency, which only underscores the disengagement of the organizers from the audience for which they want to host E3. Of course, this also applies to the actual reports on the titles, which will see a closer performance or revelation during E3. I can’t imagine anything less user-friendly than looking for articles – or rather press releases – on publishers’ cards, instead of going to Your favorite video game site ™, or, in my case, visited my own mailbox. However, in order not to be explicitly unfair to the organizers, I respect the warning that in the time before E3 the content may not be much, but I do not believe in dramatic changes and leave with no understanding of why this initiative was created, who gave their consent to its implementation and who thought that it will be useful to someone.

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