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Santa Claus will not come this year on December 24, but four days earlier. No, seriously, at least from the point of view of fans of Czech comedy adventures. Programmer and producer Petr Svoboda announced that a demo of Poldy 7 will be released on December 20. The trial version for Windows will of course be available completely free of charge.

“Within it, the player will have the opportunity to play the first scene, which in the full version will serve as a tutorial. But in the demo version, he will be able to play it without help, “said Petr Svoboda. It will then be possible to explore several other scenes from the game. What’s more, attentive players can even win something through the demo. But he has to play the detective like the main character.

Custom cartoon in the game for the winner

“In these backgrounds, a secret password will be hidden, which will be associated with the competition. The player who finds the password first will win the main prize of this competition. This will be the placement of his caricature in the hall of fame in the full version of Poldy 7, “said Petr. Other players can then look forward to a limited edition game or playing cards. And even if you’re not one of the fastest, you don’t have to hang your head. “Everyone who finds the password by 31 January will be entered into a raffle for two more limited editions of Poldy 7,” added Petr Svoboda.

Of course we were interested in what the demo will look like and what we can look forward to. We don’t want to promise more yet, but we already have a few screenshots for you, which Petr provided us as a tasting.

In addition, the authors are planning a mini-series on YouTube about how the new part of Polda is created. It would address not only development, but also graphics, animation or dubbing. About six to seven parts could be created, Petr suggested. The diary could be published once a month or two.

There is probably no need to introduce Pold 7 itself for a long time, we have addressed it repeatedly on the web. The seventh part is created with the help of fans. In the crowdfunding campaign of the Hithit platform, the authors managed to raise over 1.4 million crowns, while they originally asked for 400,000 crowns. Of course, Luděk Sobota and other popular dubbers are returning. The development of the game should take the authors about a year and a half, and Polda 7 is planned to release before Christmas 2021. Polda 7 should have a similar graphic stylization as the six, but it will be more difficult.

You can follow the cop and its development on the official website and on Facebook. Petr Svoboda was our guest in Vortex # 127 this July and in Vortex # 84 last May. We also talked about the game Polda 7 in a text interview.

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