The Czech application will show police checks and roadblocks. How to avoid trouble

Current government regulations restrict the movement of people, and it can be very stressful if you still have to travel. The Czech project monitors police checks and roadblocks on roads and railways. This will allow you to prepare for the inspection in all aspects. The data is very current. How can you get involved?

The Czech web application of the application monitors where the police carry out patrols everywhere, and even where the police have barricades. There is no need to install anything or create an account. The service can be used by anyone. Registration is not required even if you want to contribute to the database and report a police check.

Web application is not intended to circumvent current government regulations. But if you have to travel or you are just overly stressed by the current state, it is very useful to be able to prepare for a possible check. This allows people to prepare mentally and also make sure they have it with them all necessary documents.

Authors’ statement:

“This site is used for informative monitoring of random checks and barricades of the armed forces in connection with the government order valid from March 1, 2021. We strongly encourage all users to consider the need for their trip and to observe all hygiene measures during the trip. This site is not intended to disparage the work of the armed forces, which, due to ridiculous and incompetent organization in their command under the threat of financial destabilization of themselves and their loved ones, are forced to repress in bad weather against their fellow citizens, which they should protect and thus forced to participate in destruction of his homeland. The site does not even aim to encourage users to violate the Crisis Ordinance. Every visitor to the site can contribute freely and without registration. Proof of contributor identification is not logged. Everyone has the right to be informed. Everyone has the right to help maintain the democratic values ​​of our society. ”

What do you think about the initiative?

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