The Covpass apps for iOS and Android are here

The Covpass app is here. (Photo: t3n)

Shortly before the main travel season, the planned digital proof of Covid-19 vaccinations was published with the Covpass apps. This is a supplement to the analog vaccination certificate made of paper.

One day after the digital Covid-19 proof of vaccination was integrated into the Corona Warning app with version 2.3.2, the Robert Koch Institute publishes the Covpass app. In contrast to the Corona warning app developed for Germany, Covpass is a European solution.

Covpass app: Use of the digital vaccination certificate is voluntary

With the Covpass app, users can leave their yellow vaccination certificate at home as proof of a complete corona vaccination. Vaccination centers, general practitioners or, from June 14th, pharmacies download the data directly to smartphones. The app displays a QR code that can be read out by a complementary test app if required. For data protection reasons, the data is only saved on the smartphone, and the app also works without an internet connection when the code is presented. The RKI emphasizes that the use of the app is voluntary.

A look at the Covpass app. (Screenshot: Covpass / t3n)

When scanning the code with the Covpass check app a query is triggered with which the validity of the QR code is verified. The code corresponds to EU-wide requirements and can therefore be read out in all countries of the European Union. This means that it can be used in restaurants in Italy as well as in bars in Germany.

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Covpass app is to receive additional functions in the future

In the future, the digital vaccination certificate will show not only the vaccination status but also information on Covid 19 infections that have already been overcome and negative corona tests.

The RKI points out that the app only displays the QR code from day 15 after the last required vaccination. Because only then do you have complete vaccination protection. By the way, if you don’t have a smartphone for the Covpass app, you can carry your vaccination certificate with you in paper form.

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