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We often miss the feeling in the games that they respect the player’s intelligence. They do not let him look for places, people or objects on his own, prefer to stick to pointers, or they need to explain the safer post cultural link. In short, today’s developers are making a bit of a bad guy.

The Council’s first episode came out of last spring’s controversy. On the debut work of the small French studio Big Bad Wolf the variability of the decisions and the possibilities of branching seemed perhaps too elaborate than the creators could do in the following episodes.

The story starts at the beginning of the mysterious disappearance of your mother. You take on the role of Louise de Richet, a bit of a thought-provoking bunch of good family coming to look for a private island of Lord Mortimer, a mysteriously wealthy patron who is the seat of the most powerful of the powerful eighteenth-century emperor.

Trying not to make an idiot is most sympathetic. You can not do it anymore, so you do not even think about solving murders, looking for magic spear, studying chapters in the Bible, examining Renaissance frescoes and choosing Louisiana’s fate. You can choose one of three specializations for the Louise: occult, diplomatic, or detective, but you can unlock the skills of others, or pick up points through your choices and manuscripts.

Skills unlock not only advanced dialogue options, but you have to take a great deal of work yourself, because in some situations and riddles it is literally a life, and if not a life, at least your right hand definitely. They often require almost a royal portion of knowledge on your part, especially about the Old Testament, but also the Greek ones.

However, even if you have gaps in these areas, The Council will, if necessary, provide you with sensitivity and provide you with sufficient.

Breakthroughs, and Now Let’s Get Rid of Missing Limbs , it also works on the one, but just the story that’s going to drag you on, starts roughing around roughly two-thirds in its rails. With a fundamental revelation in the style: “You are elected, Louis,” “I know, oh, I always felt like I was different,” the new mechanics of information gathering will change, but the reversal of a so-far-fledged political charade will turn into a grotesque grotesque.

Unnecessary supernatural elements were pissed off in Fahrenheit, and here the credibility breaks just as well. So, if you were heading for a promising end, the creators are shuffling with cards, because even high-ranking politicians are not what they seem to be.

Unfortunately, the final passage is quite hurried and the narrative does not help even the progressively deteriorating acting communities, animations that are, on the contrary, miserable all the time.

George Washington would have mistaken yourself for marionettes, and for your own mother at the end you do not know if you’d rather not give her a shot of grace, how stupidly she looks and how she looks. nor is he able to wipe blood out of his nose. They all play without exception, mostly with a mad accent, but at the same time manage to not show human emotions. And it would be a matter of lamenting because certain screenwriting decisions can provoke a bit of indignation.

It’s a pity, because in the puzzles and detective work The Council really excels. Individual characters have their own weaknesses and strengths, so they’re here to tell you, they will tell you more by mistake than they want. There are still many ways to open and close down the villa, sometimes you have to look for someone else’s room, and the puzzles require careful study of information as well as critical thinking, because the versions of individual characters often diverge from what you see or read

Here is the link to famous literary and art works, as well as to learn to recognize the Cardinal seals, a skill that is commonly used in the 21st century useful. When writing a letter to the Pope, remember.

In the final episode, we even had the problem to solve one of the puzzles due to an unreliable dialogue error. People around, including Louise, often mix the limbs with different pieces of antique furniture if you’re lucky to see them at all because they might just teleport outside the camera’s viewing angle.

If the Council were to keep its basic premises set up by the Council, it would be better for them to do it than to say to you, and although the meaning is usually the same while we understand that the creators are not native speakers, in the first part, he would do the best. Worse graphics and dabing would certainly be much more willing to bite if the promising beginning of the story did not turn into a brak with cheap supernatural elements and excessive recycling of already visited and researched locations.

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