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The conspirators competed for the Hoax Prize of 2021. Which one won?

Even in 2021, the online world did not do without fraud, conspiracy theories or dangerous misinformation. Fortunately, the Hoaxy and fraud Facebook page, managed by the Police of the Slovak Republic, regularly alerted its fans to them this year as well. In the end, she decided to end a year full of hoaxes, in the form of the Hoax competition of 2021.

Users had a hard time voting. The year 2021 was full of great hoaxes

Social network users have had the opportunity to vote for the worst internet invention published in the last 12 months. The survey included gems such as snow made of plastic, tests infused with coronavirus or a citizen who collapsed after meeting the vaccinated grandmother. Eventually, however, the title of Hoax of the Year went to a conspiracy theory linking the 5G network and coronavirus vaccines.

Specifically, it was a January post in which a Facebook user revealed what the new vaccines are actually doing. They reportedly contain nanoparticles that can connect to a 5G network. They will then control you and you will follow their orders without thinking.

The police also handed out honorable mentions

However, Hoaxov was this year that the police could not stay in the valuation of only one. She awarded honorable mentions to eleven other misinformations in various categories.

  • Ritual respirator arson, price for benefit leads
  • Masks, theater and cytokine storm, price for mixing pears with apples
  • An online hero, in reality a responsible and decent citizen, the award for broad shoulders on the Internet
  • Unveiling of a secret invasion of American troops to Slovakia, award for homeland defense
  • Chemtrails, award for retro memory
  • Today hoax, tomorrow true, price for the discovery of the year
  • The retiree revealed a mega secret plan, the price of a shocking revelation
  • Stocks for non-existent power outages, price for kitchen hoax
  • He wanted to get infected with Covid, Charles Darwin Prize
  • Comparing today with the life of Jews from the time of the war, the price of shame
  • A mysterious source confirmed the deaths of non-existent people, the price for the horse’s brother

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The fraud abusing Slovensk√° poŇ°ta continues

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