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The “console” from KFC with a chicken heater shouldn’t be just a joke -apkrig

If you thought 2020 couldn’t be weirder, we have further proof of your mistake for you. Remember the unveiling of the PlayStation 5 in June? And do you remember the constellation of funny pictures and advertisements that tried to participate within the reach of the announcement of the new console from Sony? Then you will probably remember advertising from KFC, in which a fast food chain introduced its own gaming device aptly named KFConsole. Just a form with the obligatory bucket and the integration of the chicken piece heater, however, suggested that this was just a joke, and advertising was quickly forgotten after initial interest. After all, we did not attach any deeper meaning to it either, and we return to it with a much raised eyebrow. It seems that Cooler Master, Asus, Seagate and KFC will want to finish the concept and KFConsole could really start selling.

He sparked a discussion about black boxing yesterday’s tweet of the official KFC Gaming accountwho declared that the cantilever wars were over. Below was a minute teaser, which presented the supposed “console” in more detail than it was in June, and an official page with a description of partial features was launched. So someone is either having a good time or we are watching a unique device that will keep your dinner warm and still allow you to play in 4K and 240 fps. The release date, price, and specific specifications of the small computer have not been published, but the individual labels attract in a relatively standard way what players can look forward to, and fried chicken pieces are definitely not the only ones.

KFConsole should be ready to play in VR, its performance should be sufficient for the above 4K play at 240 frames per second, and those interested will also be able to use the effects of ray tracing. In hardware, KFConsole should rely on Intel’s processor and configuration corresponding to Intel NUC 9 minicomputers. And like a modern console, KFConsole has to rely on an NVMe SSD, specifically from Seagate with a capacity of 1 TB. The most important thing, however, is the Cooler Master, who, in collaboration with the Swedish computer moderator Timeplay, prepared a special cabinet in the form of the aforementioned bucket from KFC.

“We at Cooler Master are a little weird. We always try to think outside the set frame and bring the highest performance in a considerable style. Our expert team of moderators, led by the legendary Swedish artist Timeplay, has embarked on the preparation of this amazing beast and has succeeded well, ”says the KFConsole product page. The pinnacle of engineering is a patented chicken drawer called the Chicken Chamber, through which hot air flows out of the computer. “So you can focus on your game and enjoy a crispy chicken between rounds at the right temperature,” explains Cooler Master. But perhaps they also solved the falling crumbs well, so that pieces of fried flour and a unique mixture of 11 herbs and spices would not be threshed in the fans…

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