the collapsible smartphone of Microsoft waited for 2019

The race for collapsible smartphones will probably mark the year 2019. After Samsung and many other manufacturers, Microsoft should also enter the game. According to the Indian version of the BGR website, the Redmond company could launch its aircraft in 2019.

Last June, Microsoft teased the Andromeda. The terminal is a foldable device with two OLED displays – slabs provided by LG Display. Some sources indicate that the Redmond company would have left the Andromeda project somewhat to the benefit of Surface, the company’s range of tablet PCs.

Journalist and site consultant Brad Sams is a leading Microsoft specialist. His book Beneath Surface also focuses on the company’s range of tablet PCs. The specialist states in his book that Microsoft is enjoying tremendous success with its Surface product line. It has made the brand the fifth largest PC manufacturer in the world, with annual sales of one billion dollars. An amount going up every year. Surface devices are high-end products that rival – or even surpass – Apple’s terminals.

As the site BGR points out, Brad Sams also mentions Andromeda in his work. The collapsible smartphone from the Redmond firm would not be just a phone. Like the collapsible terminals of Samsung and Huawei the Andromeda should be a device capable of switching from phone to tablet format. In addition, there is a good chance that the device will be included in the Surface product range.

Microsoft is expected to launch in 2019 a new Surface Pro and a laptop Surface that would use an AMD chip instead of an Intel. As speculation about Andromeda is confirmed, the Redmond company is proposing three new Surface devices.

The foldable smartphone from the Redmond firm would not be just simple telephone …

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