‘The chores, they will come later’

Sanne is known for her sketch videos on her Instagram channel @laviesanne. She is mother of James, Isé and baby Amélie.

“Jemimee, 4:30!” I’m shocked when the clock on my phone lights up. I completely forgot about time. And not only me; friend is also shocked.

It’s Saturday night – or well, night – and the drinks at the neighbors were oh so nice. The idea that we might only be able to sleep for a mere hour and a half before the siren of the youngest member signals the morning revival already makes me groan with misery. Yep, your own fault. With a ‘thank you for the pleasant evening’ we sprint home. My head spins when I’ve maneuvered myself in bed. “Not good this”, it mists in my head.


It is a miracle that the baby does not show up until 8:00 am the next morning; still got three hours of sleep. Since it’s my morning turn, I leave my boyfriend and go downstairs with Amélie. The throbbing head is really a setback. I also suffer from the light and I feel as weak as a mop.

“A relief: still got three hours of sleep”

Once in the living room I already see the oldest two under a rug on the couch with their tablets. James asks me to join him and makes some room so that I have a warm spot later. “I’ll be right over, have some breakfast and make some milk for your sister”, I answer while shuffling to the kitchen.

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Throttle back

While I make a bottle I try to make contact with my daily schedule. Oh yes, I had to get a new curtain rail, buy a maternity gift and get rid of five more fat piles of laundry.

Instead of stressing about it, I decide to surrender to my hangover. When Amélie has had her bottle and then happily crows, I decide to make myself a sandwich with extra cheese and a thick dollop of ketchup, after which I plop down on the couch with the greasy colossus between the children. “Shall we watch Rapunzel together?” my daughter asks.

A little later the three of us are lying together on the couch and suddenly I don’t mind my hangover so much anymore. In fact, it forces me to slow down and spend some quiet time with my blood. And the chores, they will come later.

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