The Chinese manufacturer has a solution for unintentional under-tensioning

  • An unknown Chinese manufacturer has patented a special mode (drunk mode) for its smartphones
  • It will not be possible to use all applications and functions of the phone in this mode
  • You will need to “verify sobriety” to unblock

It must have happened to many that they acted recklessly in a state of intoxication. They called their “ex”, they posted some inappropriate status or video on social networks. According to the Chinese manufacturer, this is now over. It installs a special “intoxication” mode in its smartphones to protect it from such situations. The Android Authority portal addressed the topic.

Unknown manufacturer with special mode

The manufacturer Gree Electronics even patented this regime. For example, it can prohibit the use of selected applications or specific smartphone features. In order to access these functions, the user must go through “sobriety verification”.

How does it work:

  • The user sets rules for this mode, such as which applications can be used. You also need to set rules to verify sobriety.
  • The user then enables the mode on the smartphone. The selected applications and features are then locked.
  • In order to be able to use the smartphone to the full, the user must pass a sobriety verification.

The portal states that the mode can simplify the interaction with the smartphone by switching to a simpler mode with basic functions and options. In a sub-tensioned state, this may be useful.

Similar solutions have appeared in the past and we are honestly surprised that no manufacturer offers such a regime yet. As this is a relatively exotic manufacturer, which we do not know in Slovakia, it will not be easy to buy such a device. It will probably only be for sale in China’s home country.

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