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The children’s play platform Roblox is facing criticism. He has a problem with vulgarisms

Even an environment for children’s entertainment, which is created with the aim of eliminating inappropriate content, does not guarantee 100% of the result of this goal. The well-known Roblox network is currently struggling with the problem of vulgarisms, which it cannot always filter and delete successfully and quickly enough.

Safe environment

Roblox is a well-known world of games for children. The aim of the creators was, in addition to entertainment, to create an environment that is safe and a guarantee for children and especially their parents that it will not bring inappropriate content. YouTube Kids, for example, works in a similar way, and such platforms provide a choice of content based on age and then a guarantee that the child will not be offered a creative application that is not intended for him.

In Roblox, the parent selects a list of games for the child, which are also adjusted to the age range, thus eliminating content that seems undesirable to the parent. The principle and idea is good.

Roblox has only recently entered the stock market and its value is estimated at several billion dollars. Even in a time of pandemic, this is precisely room for growth, many children simply spend time at home and parents are looking for an alternative.

Although playing online games is not a required time, if it is to take place, then it is advisable to use a secure platform. Although Roblox employs 1,600 people who control and moderate content full time, their work is not enough.

More than a hundred inappropriate phrases

Reuters came up with its own search on Roblox, which, even after being warned by parents and some investors, revealed over a hundred phrases, which are not suitable for children, they are even vulgar for the world of adults. One of them “shut up and rape me daddy “ has a fairly clear informative value.

Since the platform supports the development of children’s designers, the game can be created through its interface. Then Roblox has to monitor what the content is and especially what terminology he uses. However, there are also comments or invitations to play from friends within the platform, where the issue of inappropriate content and its elimination is difficult, which Roblox also admits.

Roblox defends himself

However, Roblox adds that as soon as, for example, Reuters or another entity suddenly warns of inappropriate content or comments, there is an immediate response in the form of deletion.

While it is widely acknowledged that it is not realistic to prevent inappropriate content 100%, individual cases prove to be a problem, and even Reuters quotes the company’s management as considering such excesses a serious threat to business. If they are not able to guarantee and provide internet security for end clients (children), it may mean the end of the service.

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