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The CD Project is starting to attract the first DLC for Cyberpunk 2077 -apkrig

Although the developers from the RED Project CD did not want to talk too much about the content they are preparing for the game before the release of Cyberpunk 2077, there was several confirmation of the multiplayer part and in the hints of future DLCs. A year ago, for example, the director of the Krakow branch, John Mamais, spoke about them, who in an interview for Gamespot indicated that the model of planned expansions could be identical to Sorcerer 3, but he did not want to go into any deeper details last October. With the release of the game, the fans saw it secret message, placed directly in the official trailer, in which the developers indicated a little more specifically that the first will come to the fore a smaller free DLC, which could start appearing in front of larger story units at the beginning of next year. And as they said, they obviously did, due to the newly launched part of the official website of the game, which directly attracts to DLC.

Source: CD Project RED

“The free DLC will arrive in Night City in early 2021. Wait for more information,” say the developers from the Cyberpunk 2077 website, which, in addition to the obligatory yellow message, also contains a montage of the mentioned launch trailer. The CD Projekt RED has not provided any further information yet, but it can be expected that the first additions will really be just small things, as in the case of the mentioned Sorcerer 3. Just for comparison, the previous game CD Projekt RED received as the first set of armor and also the ability to change hair resp. the style of the protagonist’s beard, which is something that players in Cyberpunk 2077 significantly miss. So we wouldn’t be at all surprised if the developers were significantly inspired by themselves, but Cyberpunk 2077 offers a lot of room for the realization of similar ideas, which should span the time until the release of the expected story expansions.

Other investors, this time on behalf of Schall Law Firm, are also entering the legal battle due to data distortion and consequent financial damage.

However, the events surrounding Cyberpunk, with specific information about content extensions, are irreversibly divided into two very strong streams – the game itself and an unpleasant case around its technical condition and the conflicting statements of the developers. At that account, the team of lawyer Mikołaj Orzechowski is already preparing a class action in Poland, while in the United States, investor Andrew Trampe has already filed a lawsuit. However, it is not the only one in the USA when other investors embark on a legal battle due to data distortion and consequent financial damage, this time on behalf of the Schall Law Firm. Like Orzechowski, Schall Law is preparing a class action lawsuit, urging investors who have lost more than $ 100,000 in CD Project stock prices to join the lawsuit. The third lawsuit also includes essentially identical arguments, criticizing the misleading statements of the developers and, paradoxically, admitting that they did not pay enough attention to the problematic operation of Cyberpunk 2077.

The current patch fixes storage issues

Cyberpunk 2077 has already moved to version 1.06 on all platforms during Christmas. So far, the last patch fixed a bug related to the size of the saved position, which could not be used after exceeding 8 MB. The developers initially advised not to have unnecessarily many items in the inventory, but now the bug has been removed and should not bother the player further. There have also been other minor fixes and stability improvements on the consoles, but the big update, which will significantly improve the technical presentation of the game, will not arrive until January.

CD Projekt then briefly commented on the lawsuits in a report to investors, which the company published on December 25 and its representatives state in it that they are aware of the procedure of some investors. “We will take drastic steps to defend ourselves against similar claims,” ​​says CD Projekt, and also points out that the complaints so far do not specify the amount of damage caused.

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