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Remember Dead Space, a sci-fi horror movie inspired by Alien, set on a claustrophobic ship full of aliens, which was stopped only by the gradual cutting of their limbs with special weapons? The creator of the game, Glen Schofield, is certainly not just someone, when he also contributed to the establishment of the Sledgehammer Games studio, with which he participated in games from the Call of Duty series such as Black Ops, Modern Warfare 3, Advanced Warfare and WWII.

Schofield has now introduced its next studio, Striking Distance, and immediately showed a new project with which it returns to its life’s work. The Callisto Protocol is also a sci-fi horror movie, from the demonstration of which it freezes in a similar way as from Dead Space itself.

The story of the game will take you 300 years into the future to Jupiter’s moon Callisto, where the Black Iron prison with maximum security is located. You become an unfortunate “tenant” of this complex, which you share not only with other offenders of the heaviest caliber, but also other dangerous creatures and machines.

In the impressive trailer, we can see a mad guard robot who doesn’t really look friendly, as well as the face of some humanoid alien or mutated man who enjoys a poor convict with the help of tentacles.

The strange thing is that the warden sitting behind the cameras doesn’t make a hard head out of it. Either he really doesn’t care about the fate of the prisoners at all and is sure of his own safety, or horrible monsters and uncontrollable robots are part of the punishment. How else to explain his calm behavior and the fact that the transport ship is apparently bringing more muggles to the prison?

The creators are no longer seriously hiding their ambitions. They describe their play as a new-generation action horror movie with immersive narration, which aims to set a new standard for interactive horror movies.

Glen Schofield himself says the following: “We have built a world-class studio full of enthusiastic developers who throw themselves into one of our most popular genres – survival horror. We’re going to create one of the scariest games of all time, and we can’t wait to tell you more about The Callisto Protocol next year. ”

The Callisto Protocol is currently planned for 2022. Not a word has been said about the platforms yet, but the computer and the console can somehow be assumed.

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