The best SIM only deals (with gifts) of June 2023

Can your device last another round, but are you looking for a new subscription? During the summer deals, you can benefit from extra benefits on your new SIM-only subscription at Belsimpel from Monday 19 June to Wednesday 28 June. iPhoned has listed the best sim only deals for you

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Why sim-only?

With a SIM-only subscription, you only pay for the use of your bundle and you do not have to take into account additional device costs. Because you do not take out an appliance loan, there is no BKR registration. The best thing about a SIM-only subscription is that you can adapt it completely to your own wishes.

Now the question is of course: where can I find the best deals? There is no clear answer to this, because it depends on how much data you need in your bundle. In the overview below we have listed the best SIM-only deals for various sizes of data bundle for you. You no longer have to look for the best deal yourself!

#1. The cheapest 5GB sim only deal: Lebara

Do you mainly use your smartphone for calling and WhatsApp? Then one 5GB sim only subscription sufficient per month. With this subscription from Lebara you receive 5GB of data, 150 text messages and 150 calling minutes per month.

Action: if you take out this subscription now with Belsimpel, you will not only receive free anti-abuse insurance, but also 35 euros cashback on your new subscription. You then pay for the subscription 7.50 euros per month.

#2. The cheapest 10GB sim only deal: Hollandsnieuwe

Would you rather have just a little more data so that you don’t end up without internet? Then a 10GB subscription is the solution. In this two-year Hollandsnieuwe subscription you share the number of MBs, text messages and calling minutes. 1 MB then equals 1 minute of calling or 1 text message.

Action: you pay for this sim only subscription 11 euros per month. At Belsimpel you now receive free anti-abuse insurance when you take out this SIM-only subscription. Handy when your phone is stolen and someone else uses your subscription! In addition to this offer, during the summer deals you also get the Sony WF-C700N earbuds worth 129 euros gift.

#3. The cheapest unlimited SIM only deal: Budget Mobile

If you are on the road a lot and you also make intensive use of your iPhone, then an unlimited SIM-only subscription is the ideal solution. With this two-year subscription from Budget Mobiel you are provided with an unlimited amount data, text messages and calling minutes.

Action: you will receive a 50 percent discount on your new subscription for the first 6 months. You then pay 10 euro per month instead of 20 euros. During the summer deals at Belsimpel, when you take out this subscription, you will also receive the Sennheiser Sport True Wireless earplugs worth 129.90 euros free.

#4. The best sim only deal in terms of price/quality: 50+ Mobile

If you don’t really care how much data, text messages and calling minutes you need per month, but are mainly looking for the best price-quality ratio, then 50+ Mobiel is the right place for you. When you take out this 2-year subscription, you will receive 20GB and you can make unlimited calls and text messages.

Action: because you get a 50 percent discount on your subscription for the first 6 months, you benefit from 84 euros discount on your subscription costs. Are you taking out this subscription before June 28? Then your total benefit, thanks to the extra cashback of 35 euros, will amount to 119 euros. You then pay for the subscription for the first 6 months 9 euros per month.

Didn’t find what you were looking for?

Didn’t find what you were looking for or would you rather take out a subscription with another provider? No worries! In addition to the above offers, you can of course also go to Belsimpel for other SIM-only offers.

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