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The best Netflix series: the editorial staff’s 2023 selection

Netflix is ​​hundreds of series on the clock and an algorithm that sometimes locks you in a bubble. When writing Android-MT, there are of course several of us who have Netflix and our favorite series. This selection therefore takes into account the diversity of our tastes. We had to go to the forceps to select 10, but in this Top, you will only find quality….

Our other “streaming” selections:

The 10 best Netflix TV series according to the editors

► BlackMirror

Alternate universe, dystopian world, black-mirror it is a British series that has become popular since season 3 and the arrival of Netflix money. The good news with this series is that each episode tells a single story with its actors and its stakes. So you don’t feel obligated to continue even if you don’t like it. Purists will prefer the first 2 seasons (7 episodes in all), but it must be recognized that many “guests” land in the series (Jon Hamm, Jerome Flynn, Topher Grace, etc.) and the quality of writing does not suffer really about this change in dimension.

► Ozarks

An accountant who launders money for a Mexican cartel drags his entire family into a tragic spiral. It’s sometimes a bit far-fetched, but the actors are very good (opt for the VO) and after 4 breathtaking seasons, there is an end that holds up. WE love.

► Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul

Arguably the two best Netflix series we’ve put together here since Better Call Saul is linked to breaking Bad. Both sequel and prequel, Better Call Saul tells how trickster Jimmy McGill became Saul Goodman, Walter White’s crooked lawyer. So as not to “disclose” anything, start by breaking Bad, take your slap and continue with the spin-off. In the middle you can also watch the movie centered on Jesse Pinkman, The Camino.

► House of Cards

Brilliant series before Kevin Spacey was removed from the 6th and final season because of a story of sexual assault finally dismissed, House of Cards tells the story of the “whip” of the Democratic clan in Congress: Frank Underwood. Aided by his wife Claire, they manipulate, trick and destroy people who get in their way to power.

► Rick & Morty

Rick is a goofy inventor while his grandson is a 14-year-old incel. Together they experience adventures that take them to the four corners of the Galaxy. A real desire to break the codes of science fiction. It is a cartoon, but it is strongly discouraged for children. The first two seasons are excellent. The pace drops a little afterwards, but it remains at a very high level.

► Downtown Abbey

We hesitated for a long time to put this series in the Top 10, but finally we gave in to the royalist clan. Downtown Abbey it is the story of the Crawley family, a clan of well-to-do aristocrats and owners of a vast estate. The Crawleys have a million servants who are happy to be exploited and the series tells the stories of each other: the estates of the rich and the stories of the proletarians mingle. Without being breathless, the series offers fine writing, 19th century punchlines and very nice sets. The advantage: at the end of the first episode, you know if you are going to hang on or not.

► Squid Game

This Korean series caused a sensation in 2021 with a scenario that is slightly inspired by the film Battle Royale : a debt-ridden and distressed man agrees to participate in a game to win a large sum of money with the aim of recovering his life and custody of his daughter. A season that goes by at full speed, a big slap and a lot of surprises.

► Narcos

The first two seasons of Narcos recounts the ruthless hunt of Steve Murphy and Javier Peña to bring down the Medellín cartel led by Pablo Escobar. Good actors, action and above all a true story. Season 3 loses intensity since Pablo is no longer there, but it shows. An excellent series.

► Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders it is the story of a clan of criminals in early 20th century Birmingham. Of course, it looks in English. 6 seasons is a long time. There is an end (with a feature film in anticipation), but some members of the editorial staff did not have the courage to go through with it while others are die-hard fans of the Shelby family.

► Evangelion

It had to be an anime and even if Attack on Titan was holding the rope, we chose to select Neon Genesis Evangelion. In the year 2000, the sea level rose following the Second Impact, a cataclysm supposedly caused by a meteorite. Humanity has survived despite 2 billion deaths, but 15 years later, giant and warlike creatures, the Angels, appear and try to destroy the new capital of Japan: Tokyo-3. To stop them, humanity can count on the EVA, robots piloted by teenagers. Who are these Angels? Why are they attacking Tokyo? Where does the power of EVAs come from? A quality 26-episode anime with two alternate endings as feature films (The End of Evangelion and Evangelion Death (True)² also available on the platform).

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