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the best iPad for studying under 650 euros

Are you looking for a new iPad for your studies? Then quickly read this buying advice 2022, because we tell you which iPad you should buy to study!

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Buying advice 2022: study iPad for under 650 euros

Most iPads are quite pricey. Nevertheless, we have found two iPads that allow you to study well without having to pay the top prize. One is on the pricey side, but can compete with most laptops. The other is for the somewhat poor student (almost a contamination), so keep a limited budget in mind.

In this 2022 buying advice you can read all about the best iPads for students to study. Because it is unfortunately no longer possible to complete a study without a laptop or iPad. Read on for the best study iPad!

Best iPad for Students: iPad Air 2022

The iPad Air 2022 comes in an old jacket this year, but with a new processor. The iPad Air now has the M1 chip. We also find this chip in a MacBook Air. That is why this iPad is extremely suitable for every type of student. Do you only have to type texts? Then this iPad is more than enough thanks to the powerful M1 chip.

Even heavier tasks such as making a video in iMovie (for the marketing communication students among us), the iPad Air does what you ask of it. In addition, the great thing about the iPad Air 2022 is that it fits easily in your bag. In fact: leave that old low-hanging EastPack from your high school but at home. This iPad even fits in your stylish handbag!

Apple has given the selfie camera of the iPad Air 2022 a lot of attention. This means that the Air also has the same new camera functions as, for example, a MacBook. Think of Center in FaceTime or Zoom. This function ensures that you are always in the center of the image. Ideal for home lectures!

Stage Manager

The new iPadOS 16 is fully committed to multitasking. An important addition is Stage Manager. This feature ensures that you can focus on one app while working. This program stays in focus while other apps are kept slightly out of focus (on the left side of the screen). This is ideal for students who would like to use an iPad while studying and who want to multitask well with it.

Unfortunately, this feature is only available on iPads with an M1 chip. Currently it concerns the iPad Pro 2021 and this iPad Air 2022. The former is very expensive. The iPad Air 2022 is therefore the best deal for a study iPad under 650 euros. Quickly check the comparator below for the best deal!

Compare Apple iPad Air 2022 prices

The budget iPad to study with: iPad 2021

Let’s face it; students almost never have it wide. That is why we also mention the best budget iPad in this buying advice: the iPad 2021. Unfortunately, this iPad does not have the new Stage Manager, but it is nevertheless excellent equipment for your study.

The great thing about this iPad is the price. For only 350 euros you can already get this iPad at home and you can chat with your professor forever. In addition, this iPad also offers an improved camera with Center Point. Your teacher can therefore see you perfectly during online presentation. In addition, the 10.2-inch Retina display offers a good experience for all online lectures.

ipad 2021

In addition, this iPad 2021 offers support for the first generation Apple Pencil. So you can also draw very nicely (or doodle) on this iPad. are you on looking for a cheap iPad for your study to study with? Then the iPad 2021 might be something for you. Check out the deal below for the best price!

Compare Apple iPad 2021 prices

iPad accessories to make studying easier

Magic Keyboard from Apple for your iPad Air 2022

You can come a long way with just an iPad. However, do you want to make it resemble a MacBook as much as possible? That can be done very easily! The Magic Keyboard has both a trackpad (mouse function) and a full keyboard. In addition, it is also a case so that your study iPad does not break in one go. The floating design of the Magic Keyboard is very nice. You click your iPad into place magnetically and then tilt the iPad to the desired viewing angle. Note: This Magic Keyboard is only for sale for the iPad Air 2022

iPad Magic Keyboard review

Smart Keyboard for iPad 2021

Do you want to pay a little less or are you looking for a keyboard for your budget study iPad? Apple has come up with something for that too! The Smart Keyboard for the iPad 2021 from Apple is still a case, but it is also half the price. The design is unfortunately not ‘floating’, as with the Magic Keyboard.


Universal bluetooth keyboard for older iPads

Already have an old study iPad? Then buy a keyboard with bluetooth to make it a perfect study buddy. You connect this wirelessly to your iPad. One of the better keyboards with bluetooth to use your iPad as a laptop is the Logitech K780 for only 95 euros. You can even connect multiple devices with it. Your iPad is upright in the keyboard, so it looks like a small laptop with a touchscreen.

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