The best iOS apps in the App Store from week 53

The new week is just around the corner, but before then we look back on the last seven days. The iPhoned editors have listed the best iOS apps, games and updates from last week.

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The 4 best iOS apps of the past week

The App Store works overtime every week. New apps, updates for existing programs and games are being added all the time. You probably won’t notice this, because most of it is not worth downloading. iPhoned therefore separates the wheat from the chaff every Sunday. These are the best iOS apps, updates, and games this week.

1. Hepta

Do you want to get a better view of your finances in 2021? There are several apps with which you can keep track of your accounting. Hepta is a welcome newcomer. This modern and colorfully designed app asks for your income and fixed costs. Then you can see very clearly how much money you have left over each day to do fun things.

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