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The best iOS apps in the App Store from week 51

The new week is just around the corner, but before that we look back on the last seven days. The iPhoned editors have listed the best iOS apps, games and updates from last week.

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The 4 best iOS apps of the past week

The App Store works overtime every week. New apps, updates for existing programs and games are being added all the time. You probably won’t notice this, because most of it is not worth downloading. iPhoned therefore separates the wheat from the chaff every Sunday. These are the best iOS apps, updates, and games this week.

1. Headland

Headland is a new one premium adventure game in which Nor’s fantasy has been destroyed. Together with his robot friends, Nor must search his Headland for the fragments of his creativity. These are of course spread over the colorful world.

Along the way you will encounter many monsters that you have to fight against. Along the way you will unlock various weapons that you can use in these battles and strengthen yourself through the power-ups that come your way. The first 30 minutes are free to play, after that you can choose whether you want to buy the app.

2. Marvel Realm of Champions

Marvel fans pay attention: Marvel Realm of Champions has been available in the App Store since this week. In the so-called Battleworld you fight with and against different Marvel characters. You can own your favorite Marvel heroes with weapons and other pieces of equipment.

You play in a fight with three against three. By equipping your characters with good equipment, you determine your own strengths. Choose your own Black Panther, Hulk, or another Marvel hero and join your team against players from all over the world.

MARVEL Realm of Champions

MARVEL Realm of Champions

Kabam Games, Inc.

3. Skylanders: Ring of Heroes

The creators of Skylanders: Ring of Heroes updated the app this week with a completely new version. The way of fighting has been completely changed. In addition, the Portal Masters get extra skills in the update, while they did not play such a big role before.

All in all, there are many more options to assemble your team and the battles are also more fun and a bit simpler. Furthermore, the Skylanders characters of course remain the same and you can still assemble your own team of characters.

Skylanders ™ Ring of Heroes

Skylanders ™ Ring of Heroes

Com2uS Corp.

4. Alba: A Wildlife Adventure

Do you have a subscription to Apple Arcade? Then you can give Alba: A Wildlife Adventure a try. You play as Alba, a little girl who visits her grandfather and grandmother on a beautiful, colorful island. But there is also work to be done: there is also a lot of waste on the island and the wild animals must be saved.

Together with girlfriend Inés you set up an organization to save the island and you look for volunteers. Above all, it is a very relaxing game and worth trying. While you play the game on the couch on a drizzly day, you can dream away on the sunny island.

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