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The best free board games for Android and iOS

Board games excited people long before smartphones and are a popular pastime, especially in winter. The Play Store offers numerous apps that combine old classics and new ideas. We have selected the best board game apps for you.

With such a large selection, it should be easy to find a nice board game. At least that’s what you should think. But it is precisely the sheer mass that makes it difficult to find the pearls among the board games. Or maybe it doesn’t have to be anything new and you’re looking for a classic that you’ve already played on the table in its original form. Whichever game you choose, it should give you and your friends or family many hours of togetherness and fun.


RISIKO is one of the classics and I played it as a child. This digital variant can be played both online and locally using the well-known game principle.

Most of us should have conquered the whole world in this game. This app is an exact implementation of the classic and you can pick up where you left off a long time ago.

Alone or against friends

The game can be played in different game modes. If you just want to occupy yourself for a while, you can conquer the world all by yourself in the single player mode. However, those who prefer to have real opponents can play against friends and family locally or look for their opponents online. Up to 6 players are possible in one game. It doesn’t matter whether the opponent is sitting on a smartphone, tablet or PC.

Play for free

If you don’t want to invest money, you can play for free on the classic card. In addition, there are 6 more cards and other extras via an in-app purchase. More than 40 maps and more than 10 single player scenarios can be installed via DLC.

In contrast to the pure classic, the app naturally offers various extras. New goals are offered in additional game modes. Special games such as a speed match or fighting zombies are also included. If you are playing alone, your opponent’s AI can be set to 5 different levels. So you can set up a cozy game or a real challenge.

(227087) – ∅: 4.3


Onitama is a mixture of board game and strategy game for 2 players. Play against the AI ​​on your smartphone, locally against friends or online against the best in the world.

The playing field consists of a chess board with 25 fields. Both you and your opponent have 4 warriors and one elder each. As soon as you have occupied its field or captured it, you will emerge victorious from the game.

In broad terms, the game is a bit reminiscent of chess, although the rules are much simpler. Nevertheless, here too you have to plan ahead and anticipate the opponent’s movement patterns. Luck also plays an important role alongside strategy. The cards that tell you your movements are drawn and dealt randomly. How you use them then, however, is up to you.

(6130) – ∅: 4.5


Checkers is still a very popular game today. In the past there was almost no game collection that did not include this board game. It is not uncommon for game pieces to be missing after a while, which of course cannot happen in an app.

The rules of the game couldn’t be much simpler. The pieces are placed in 2 rows on the playing field and off you go. Depending on the rules you choose, you pull and hit diagonally or horizontally and vertically. The rules can also be modified.

In most cases the German queen variant should be chosen, in which the stones can also hit backwards and the queen can move across the entire playing field. But maybe you also try the other variants in this app. Different countries have their own rules, which can give the whole thing a new allure.

(863687) – ∅: 4.4

Sink ships 2

We played this game back then in school. It wasn’t even necessary to buy anything. Simply draw a playing field, draw in the ships and the game for two people could start.

The rules are simple and most should already know them. Ships of different sizes are placed on a playing field with 10 x 10 fields. The aim is to sink the enemy fleet before they send their ships to the bottom of the sea.

You can come up with the best strategies, but even then luck plays a big role. You think of a space that you believe is part of an enemy ship. If it was a hit, you can continue. Otherwise it’s the opponent’s turn. In contrast to the classic game, the app offers a lot more. Different game modes are available and a base including the surrounding city has to be built.

(990499) – ∅: 4.7

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