the best deals come on this date

Every year, Amazon stunts prices for a few days during Prime Day. But what date does Amazon Prime Day 2023 actually fall on?

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Amazon Prime Day 2023: The deals come on this date

Amazon will soon again stunt with prices. You can score big discounts on all kinds of products. The date of Amazon Prime Day is up this year July 11 and July 12.

On Tuesday and Wednesday you will then benefit from all kinds of attractive deals: these are often smartwatches and power banks among the best smart home products to save energy. Make sure you’re quick to make your move, because it’s gone.

To benefit from the really good deals on the above date, you will need an Amazon Prime membership. This costs 2.99 euros per month and you can do it for a month free trying out. As an Amazon Prime member you benefit from free shipping and you get access to Amazon Prime Video.

With the streaming service you can also watch Amazon Originals and exclusive series and films. In addition, you get access to free games and Amazon Photos for unlimited photo storage. Also nice: you can cancel every month.

You can expect all these deals soon

Amazon Prime Day comes back every year, and by looking at previous years we can already predict which products are offered cheaply. For example, many smart home products, such as smart thermostats, became considerably cheaper last year.

There were also different types of Beats earplugs on sale. In addition, you could also score a smartwatch or fitness tracker cheaply. Unfortunately, there was no Apple Watch or iPhone at the time, but maybe it will be on sale this year.

Furthermore, all kinds of power banks and various chargers were advertised. Can’t you make it a whole day with your iPhone’s battery? Then a power bank will definitely come in handy!

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