The best apps for your iPhone and iPad (January 2021)

2021 has started and of course we also wish our readers a good start into the new year. With the Christmas holidays, some new devices may have found their way into your pockets, which still have to be diligently filled with apps. So let’s take a look at the best apps for iPhone and iPad right away.

“Simpleclub” as a tutor for students

The selection of apps for further education in the App Store has been increasing for several years. Schoolchildren are not neglected here either, as you can already be helped on many topics. Should you still need a tutor for mathematics, physics, German, Latin etc., then take a look at “Simpleclub”.

The app lets you create learning plans or browse ad hoc subjects.

The app offers a steadily growing range of learning materials and uses videos and exercises to show you how best to approach certain problems. In addition to classic ad hoc learning, learning plans can also be created for specific days, which make your progress visible and indicate an approximate remaining time for today’s learning workload.

Finally, something about the price. An unlimited subscription is required so that you can use the app effectively. This currently costs (December 2020) 89.99 euros for 12 months, 59.99 euros for 6 months or 16.49 euros for 1 month.

Listen to a podcast with “Overcast”

With the next app, I had to think a little longer whether I would add it to this leaderboard. Because “Overcast” is a relatively simple app that revolves around podcasts. Spotify, Apple and Google have their own podcast area in their program, but these often offer only a few customization options. It’s different with “Overcast”.

In addition to the classic adding of podcasts to your own library, you can also organize them in playlists or intelligent playlists. The latter let you filter whether you want to hide certain episodes or particularly prefer certain shows. When playing, you can also set the speed, automatically skip pauses or adjust certain audio properties.

“Overcast” is basically free, but for only 9.99 euros per year you can support the developer and at the same time remove small advertising banners in the player.

“Continue on PC” for cross-device work

At the moment I work mostly with a MacBook Pro. Therefore, I usually appreciate the extent to which content can be easily and conveniently sent back and forth between iPhone, iPad and MacBook. I still miss this integration on my Windows PC, but “Continue on PC” is a step in the right direction.

With “Continue on PC” links can easily be sent to Windows 10.

The app from Microsoft makes it possible to work across devices at least with browser content. So if I am reading a larger article on the iPhone under Safari and then want to continue my research on the computer (Microsoft Edge), then I can send the website directly to Windows 10 (it then opens automatically). A real asset for everyone who is frequently on the Internet.

The app is available free of charge for iPhone and iPad, Windows 10 is required.

Read more with “Bookly”

The new year has begun and many of you certainly have resolutions for 2021 again. I am probably not alone most of the time when I plan to read a lot more. But unfortunately the book or eBook remains on the bedside table and the reading list gets bigger and bigger. “Bookly” wants to motivate you to read in the long term.

“Bookly” rewards you when you achieve your goals.

The principle of the app is as simple as it is motivating. First, state your goals: How long do you want to read per day? How many books should there be per year? Then you look for your current book and start a reading session. During this, “Bookly” records the time and allows you to store notes or inspiring quotes. Ambient noises can also be played. As soon as you put the book away, the reading session ends and you receive points that you can use when you upgrade or buy a small item in the shop.

To use the full potential of “Bookly” a subscription is required. This costs between 4.99 euros (1 month) and 29.99 euros (1 year) and is recommended for every bookworm.

Finally, let’s look at a recommendation from Apple Arcade. Please note that a paid subscription from Apple is required for use.

Into strange worlds with “Reigns Beyond”

Anyone who has played more often on their iPhone or iPad in the past should have seen issues of the “Reigns” series. This is a type of card game that tells a specific story. After ruling a village in the Middle Ages, “Reigns Beyond” is now off to strange planets.

With “Reigns” every round is a little different.

The principle is simple. You will be made aware of certain problems in the form of a map and then you will always have two options on how you can react to the current situation. Once decided, swipe the card left or right. The aim of the game is to survive as long as possible. Since (almost) every swiping movement influences the plot, the story is a little different when you restart. Long-term motivation guaranteed!

Reigns: Beyond
Reigns: Beyond
Price: Exclusive to Arcade

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