The best applications for the metro in Paris

The means of transport in Paris are numerous and the network very dense. It is sometimes difficult to navigate but some applications can simplify life in the capital to no longer waste time using disturbed routes.

The official applications

The various actors of the transport in Paris and Ile de France have launched completely free official applications which are regularly updated according to the needs and demands of users. What meaning do emoticons have on Snapchat?

The official RATP app

The reference application that every Francilien must have in his phone. The RATP offers the possibility to calculate different routes according to your preferences, to consult the plans of the buses, subways, RER and trains, and to consult the bulletin of the updated traffic, as well as the schedules of the next passages.
The app is obviously free and available both in the Apple Store and the Google Play Store. Attention, it does not work offline.

The official application SNCF

The official application of the SNCF is more known for its simplicity of use during buying train tickets and consulting an e-ticket. However, it is also possible to consult the Ile-de-France journeys, because the SNCF manages many suburban trains.
The application is also free and allows you to enter your departure and arrival points to calculate the best route . Only Android versions 4.0 and higher can support the app on the phone.

Google Maps

Among its many features, Google Maps also supports the calculation of itineraries taking into account the schedules of buses, subways and trains. If you have enough network, Google Maps can find exact schedules, walking times between connections and traffic disruptions. In case of problems, the application also offers you an alternative route.

Applications that make your life easier


This essential application is especially for those who do not necessarily live in Ile de France or Paris but like to spend weekends regularly. It has the same functionalities as the official applications, but has the advantage of also indicating the price of each trip to the users.
CityMapper is not only usable in France, many European countries are also available with the same features. Convenient when you want to plan a weekend in the capitals of Europe that we do not know at all.


Entirely free, this application allows especially to personalize your journeys and to know the actuality of the lines to the minute. It is obviously possible to ask for a route, but also to know the waiting time before the next passage of a metro, train or bus. You can also bookmark all the lines you use the most to speed up the following searches.
Until recently, ViaNavigo allowed you to see where the VĂ©lib stations were, and if bikes were available, but this feature is currently under maintenance because of the news about it.

Metro 01

A little less well-known than its cousins, the Metro app 01 has the special feature of offering offline services, unlike the official application of the RATP which can not start without a network. Metro 01 offers the basic features: route search, fastest route, avoid lines …
If you open the application with a correct connection, you can take advantage of other services, such as starting the GPS and finding directions from an address.

All of these apps are free and make life easier for you on public transport anytime of the day.

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