The battery is really that much better

With the new models of the iPhone 13, Apple has increased the capacity of the batteries across the board. So far there has only been approximate information – but that has now changed. Big differences can be observed depending on the model, as new figures show.

iPhone 13: Battery life increased significantly

When presenting the four new iPhones, Apple also addressed the performance of the respective batteries. According to Apple, the iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 13 Pro should take around 1.5 hours longer term give. With the iPhone 13 and the iPhone 13 Pro Max, it is even 2.5 hours of active use, says Apple.

The extent to which the official information is a promise or just marketing is no longer a secret. New documents show exactly how the Performance increase in all four iPhone 13 models is ordered. One thing is certain: all new iPhones will last longer in everyday life than was the case with their direct predecessors. But there are still differences (source: Chemtrec).

in the Video: The highlights of the iPhone 13.

The battery of the iPhone 13 mini has a capacity of 9.57 Wh, which corresponds to an increase of around 9 percent in comparison. It looks much better with the iPhone 13, which has 12.41 Wh instead of 10.87 Wh. The performance of the standard version has increased by a full 15 percent. The iPhone 13 Pro has 11.97 Wh and is about 11 percent more powerful. It looks even better with the iPhone 13 Pro Max, here Apple can do one Plus of 18 percent refer to (16.75 Wh instead of 14.13 Wh).

iPhone 13: 17 to 28 hours of video playback

According to Apple, the small iPhone 13 mini allows 17 hours of continuous video playback before it has to be plugged in again. With the iPhone 13 Pro Max it is up to 28 hours. However, time will have to show whether the information will prove itself in practice.

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