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the basics you need to know

There is a lot of talk about smart home: in fact, you are now on a website dedicated to the smart home. But what does that actually mean? Do you have a smart home if you use Philips Hue bulbs? In this article we explain when we talk about a smart home and what to think about.

smart home

‘Smart home’ means smart home, where it is still up for debate what is smart. One believes that smart means that something is online and you can control it with an app. Others think automation is already smart. Combining different smart home gadgets together is also called home automation. By using different techniques in combination, the quality of the house (and of life in the house) is improved.

You could also define a smarthome in: the cooperation between different gadgets. Think, for example, of lights that turn off automatically and a television that turns on automatically when you say to Google: ‘Netflix & Chill’, or the heating that turns on when your smart lock lets you in. In this way, various elements in your house are adjusted in such a way that your house becomes ‘smarter’.

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