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Quite recently, we at Vortex talked about older films and series deserving of game adaptation, not just modern ones. And we have one such case here. And it’s a truly extraordinary classic. Developers from the Spanish team Pendulo Studios (Runaway, Yesterday, Blacksad: Under the Skin series) have finally introduced their game Alfred Hitchcock – Vertigo, inspired by the famous thriller of the same name by the master of tension, which is sometimes referred to as Dizziness in the Czech Republic.

We have official information, a short teaser, several pictures and a talk from the developers. According to the authors, we will dive into a psychological thriller on the border between reality and fantasy. Writer Ed Miller escaped unscathed from a horrific car accident. Although no one else was found in the car, he insists that he traveled with his wife and daughter. He begins to suffer from severe dizziness, and therefore undergoes therapy to reveal the truth about the fateful day.

We have to prepare for a disturbing investigation in our own minds. And the truth can sometimes be worse than madness, developers warn.

Narrative designer Josué Monchan from Pendulo Studios says that Alfred Hitchcock’s film was, of course, the main source of inspiration for the authors, whether it was a story, themes or visual techniques that mimic the actions of a famous director. However, they were not only inspired by Vertigo, but also by films such as Psycho, Rebecca or The Split Soul. This will also affect some characters.

The developers entice us to a great story about obsession, memory, identity, manipulation and madness. We have to experience a digital tribute to thrillers and watch the world through three characters, each of whom tells a different story. We will examine several time periods to verify events and differentiate deceptive memories. We have to prepare for a disturbing investigation in our own minds. And the truth can sometimes be worse than madness, developers warn.

Pendulo Studios ask us if we can trust our own minds. They lure you to a new kind of psychological thriller. Monchan says it will be a confusion between imagination, dreams, memory and reality. Like Hitchcock, they want to focus on the psychological side of the action and the dark depiction of reality. The authors also studied the way the director used the camera, the details and the approach.

“In a film, the viewer always knows more than the main character. We had to transform it into a game and let the player know more than the character he controls, ”adds Monchan. The game is published by the French company Microids, which specializes in adventure games. Alfred Hitchcock – Vertigo will hit the market at the end of the year and will be available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and Switches.

The Spanish team Pendulo Studios was founded in 1993, also specializes in adventure and became famous for the game Runaway: A Road Adventure from 2001. The last time in 2019 the authors launched the adventure Blacksad: Under the Skin based on the comic book of the same name, but from reviews in the end, despite great ambitions, it took away only slightly above-average marks.

The authors first spoke about Vertigo in March 2018. At that time, Microids acquired the rights to this brand. Since then, the company has mentioned the project several times, but only now has it been fully revealed. Vertigo is a film from 1958. It has won several awards.

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