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The Asus Rog Phone 5, the smartphone for gamers

Asus is best known to the average consumer as the Taiwanese company that designs motherboards, graphics cards and computers. The gaming world knows, however, that the brand also produces phones, the Asus Rog Phone, true references in video games. In 2021, theasus rogphone 5 is officially launched in the smartphone market, let’s find out what makes this mobile a device with impressive features.

The phone that combines the functionality of a smartphone and a console

Introducing the rogphone 5

The Asus rogphone 5 is a worthy representative of the range Republic of Gamers (ROG). It comes in three versions:

  • the Asus ROG Phone 5 Ultimate;
  • the Asus ROG Phone 5 Pro;
  • the Asus ROG Phone 5.

The phone is a jewel of technology originally intended for gamers. Indeed, if the rog phone 5 can be used as a simple Android smartphone, its configuration brings it closer to the video console. Moreover, its design is undoubtedly reminiscent of a portable console.

Features of ROG Phone 5

The ROG brand is renowned for its quality, whether it is a phone or a computer. Entirely dedicated to the world of video games, the performance of the rog phone 5 is excellent. Externally, the phone’s design is inspired by the gaming. The back of the phone is smooth glass. At the top of the phone is one of four microphones, with the other three located on the bottom, right, and rear. The antennas are seven in number. The pneumatic trigger sensors and the shoulder button are on the right side of the rog phone 5. The phone also includes:

  • two USB-C ports;
  • the 3.5 mm jack socket;
  • the slot for the two SIM cards.

Some optional accessories can be purchased separately. This is the case with the AeroActive Cooler 5 or the Asus ROG Cetra II Core in-ear headphones. It is possible to find spare parts for the ROG Phone 5 in specialized shops: self-adhesive fixing systems, tablecloth, SIM holder, buttons, protective glass, earphones, handles, carrying bag, shells, rear camera modules, etc.

ROG Phone 5 features

Capacitive air triggers allow the player to simply tap on the sensor. Game Genie avoids having to use the game support, the gamer having the possibility of creating a profile for each game. For example, the player can use his index and middle fingers to place himself in the middle of his enemies in a game range and kill them before they have a chance to shoot. The Samsung AMOLED screen is customizable, it offers all the specificities of a gaming screen: HDR10+, high brightness of 800 nits or 1,200 nits, blue light filter… Another of the strengths of the rog phone 5 screen, a speed of 144 Hz or 144 frames per second. The avatar of the player can thus react more quickly and more precisely than that of the adversaries. However, be aware that some games do not run at this speed. Finally, the rog phone 5 works with 5G and Wifi 6. It embeds the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 888, with 256 Gb of internal memory and 19 GB of RAM. The Asus ROG Phone Pro offers 18 GB of RAM and 512 GB of storage.

Final review for the ROG Phone 5

The technical characteristics of this smartphone, as well as its high performance, make the Asus PRO Phone 5 the best phone for mobile game enthusiasts. Its 6000 mAh resistance battery is compatible with 65 W ultra-fast charging, a great asset for gamers. It can be equipped with controllers for playing comfort, as well as a fan to lower the temperature by 10°C.

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