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The Apple Store closes before the shopping event (Black Friday)

Apple has just closed its Apple Online Store, this comes a few hours before the launch of its shopping event, namely its Black Friday. The event in question will be in place from November 25 to 28, and will also cover Cyber ​​Monday (which takes place on Monday).

With its shopping event, Apple will offer gift cards for the purchase of various products. Thus, the amount will be 50€ if you buy an iPhone 13 or 13 mini, iPhone 12 or iPhone SE. For AirPods, it will be 25€, 50€ or 75€ depending on the model. The more expensive AirPods you pick up, the higher the amount of the gift card will be.

As for tablets, it will be €30 for the iPad 9 and €50 for the iPad mini or Air. Unsurprisingly, the largest amounts for Macs with gift cards whose amounts will climb up to €150. For accessories such as chargers, MagSafe, Magic Keyboard and others, it will be 25€. Same amount for Beats products.

See you tonight for the launch of Apple’s shopping event. And if you prefer to have discounts directly on products rather than gift cards that can only be used at Apple, you can turn to resellers. We have listed the different promotions in this dedicated article.

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