The Apple AirTag app will appear on Android. End of tracking

An app from Apple on an Android phone? Until recently, it was something absolutely unthinkable. However, times are changing and the Cupertin society has decided that it is time to expand the four in the Google Play store by another piece. For that Apple AirTag The application will appear on Android may just be new locator, because it can also be misuse. Will we see all the features of the iPhone?

The Apple AirTag app will appear on Android

An AirTag is a small device that you store in a wallet or bag, for example, and then use it on an iPhone you can watch. One would think that this is a great thing, because he will never lose anything again. However, as usual, modern the technique can be misused need to tracking people.

But the precision of Apple engineers does not deny, because they thought of this case as well. If it happens that someone would throw AirTag inconspicuously, for example, into the owner’s pocket or bag iPhone, his smartphone would alert himthat the locator moves with it.

The technology giant from Cupertino recently made this position significantly improved. Initially, the tracking alert did not appear until after three days, but now the alert appears randomly in range of eight to twenty-four hours.

However, AirTags only work with iPhones, so if someone would like to track them through users of Android devices, they would never know. And Apple wants to change that and decided to develops an application for Android, which would alert you to tracking by the locator.

For the time being, however, it does not seem that we will receive complete support for AirTag for smartphones with a green system. But let’s be surprised. AirTag application will appear on Google Play Store “later this year“.

Do Apple’s apps have a place on Android? Why?

Source: CNet

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