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the Android application will propose a gesture navigation in the history

With iOS smartphones, Safari offers intuitive and fast gesture navigation for easy navigation. A feature that Google would consider adding to its Chrome browser for Android devices.

The display surface of smartphones continues to grow. In order to facilitate the use of their devices, manufacturers offer gesture navigation functions. This feature allows you to use the phone with one hand, performing simple gestures on the screen without using the three virtual buttons at the bottom (drag from bottom to top to return to the home, slide to the center and keep the position to open the application drawer, etc.)

This type of navigation is an option available today on all Android devices Pie. But few applications offer their own gestures with Google’s mobile operating system. The search giant online would seek to change this by integrating this feature to its Android smartphone browser.

You should know that Google Chrome already offers a gesture that allows you to refresh a page. Just slide vertically from top to bottom. The new planned gesture would be horizontal this time. Dragging from right to left would instantly change pages. A feature that regulars Chrome OS – the operating system of Google for computers – are familiar.

This option would still be under development and should not be available for several weeks – even on Chrome Canary, the browser test application. It goes without saying that the development of this novelty will require a certain period of testing. While waiting for the arrival of this new gesture, it must be remembered that already available movements facilitate navigation in Chrome. Take the example of the address bar. By sweeping it one can quickly go from one tab to another.

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