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Although the world has basically stopped in the past two weeks, the developers from the RED Project CD probably didn’t have much fun. Cyberpunk 2077 is not in good technical condition, although the picture of the game improves slightly with each patch released, and especially the players on the consoles are looking for a pair of announced big updates, which are to arrive in January and February. It is not clear at this moment what exact errors they will remove and to what extent some design decisions will change, for example, but shortly after the release, the alleged developer from the CD RED Project, anonymously appearing on the 4chan discussion portal, brought them. Exactly on Tuesday, December 15, he opened a new thread in the discussion, in which he started without preparation burn sharp and gradually commented on a range of topics and issues related to Cyberpunk 2077. His contributions included details on development, unused content, including much of the story or elaborate underground, Johnny Silverhand’s former form, and many other really interesting things.

Probably due to the clutter of 4chan, however, the individual lists of contributions began to be discussed on Reddit and in other discussions only these days, so some media refer to them as new or coming from Reddit. Unfortunately, there is also further distortion and presentation of statements without context in the form of a question to which the alleged developer answered, but this is not the most problematic. The bigger dilemma hangs above all over the very nature of the posts and the impossibility of verifying in any way whether it is credible information or just someone trying to capture the community of players. Therefore, take the following transcript of some details with great insight, because in addition to the official confirmation from the Project CD, it may only be time to prove if any of what the alleged developer revealed has any real basis in Cyberpunk 2077 directly in the developers’ offices. .

We had to rework one quest more than twelve times because it was someone from the management he still didn’t feel it. In the end, we deleted the task from the final version and it should not appear in the DLC next year.

“CD Projekt harmed itself by keeping investors in a sweet consciousness. Now developers are talking about plans to return in the style of No Man’s Sky sometime in late June. The first two patches will arrive in mid-March, regardless of what the management said, “the anonymous developer quotes the quoted thread. He also suggests that the morale in the team was not very good in mid-December and he himself expects the departure of important people in the coming months. He also mentions the enormous pressure from Sony, which literally had grill CD Project RED due to the huge number of requests for refunds and also adds information about the meeting, which three days later resulted in the download of the game from the PS Store. “Expect an important and unpleasant announcement before the end of December,” the developer pointed out, and this is one of the places where we are slightly inclined to believe that it is a credible statement.

Furthermore, the alleged developer confirmed that at the moment no one is pointing a finger at anyone and not pointing them away from failure. In addition, team leaders and supervisors stood up for the developers and took some of the responsibility, but individual employees still joke about the strange situations they experienced during development. “We had to rework one quest more than twelve times because someone from the management he still didn’t feel it. In the end, we deleted the task from the final version and it should not appear in DLC next year, “said the developer last December. He then spent more details on the account of the unused content, which he stated by denying the official reason why the main storyline was so short. According to the developer, this was by no means for everyone to finish the story, and many times it points to disagreements with the management or specific people who came to the RED Project CD and stayed only because, unlike ordinary employees, they liked the management. Specifically, the alleged developer suggests that players should have been able to enter most apartments in residential complexes and that they should have seen a much longer story, which will hopefully come into play through expansion by the end of June this year.

It is said that we can look forward to more than 50,000 lines of dialogues, which in the end were not used at all, when the whole two story arcs connected to the characters of Adam Smasher and Morgan Blackhand disappeared from the game. “We removed them because the missions damaged the stored position due to the incorrect placement of the characters. And a large part of the underground and canals were deleted due to errors, “says the developer. He adds to the underground account that it was supposed to be a really large and properly dark complex, as cut from Vampire: The Masquerade, but it still seemed too ugly to someone in the lead, so the players couldn’t see him yet. The same is said to apply to the artificial intelligence of the inhabitants of Night City, especially members of individual gangs, who were supposed to really roam the streets and influence life there. “You could sit down and either watch yourself [akce před vámi] develop or directly influence it, ”says the developer, and the NPC’s processing is all the more unconvincing. In addition, other elements disappeared from the game, such as drugs, drug-addicted children, or side quests with priests or members of the Hare Krishna movement, due to fears of censorship or age rating.

It is also interesting to comment on the character of Johnny Silverhand, to whom the voice and form were given by the actor Keanu Reeves. The quoted developer suggests that someone else was originally planned, and the exchange for Reeves does not seem adequate to him: “I don’t want to swear, but the bitch, the original Johnny was more cool and sounded like a real maniac. imagine [krále] When asked what Silverhand’s character looked like before the change, the developer replied that they had their voice inspired by Solid Snake played by David Hayter and the form by actor Cillian Murphy. Of course, the list of various changes compared to the original vision, concerning other features of the game, does not end here.

As early as December 15, developers should have been able to eliminate errors associated with loading objects with a higher level of detail (LODs) and solve the order of loading individual assets to make the game on consoles smoother.

However, let’s move on to the statements on the state of the game, which could at least indicate future developments. The developer states that Cyberpunk 2077 was created primarily for PCs and highlights how smoothly this version can be ported to next-generation consoles. But with PS4 and Xbox One, it’s more complicated, which doesn’t mean that these versions should never be fixed. On the contrary, as early as December 15, developers should have been able to eliminate errors associated with loading objects with a higher level of detail (LODs) and solve the order of loading individual assets to make the game smoother. It is possible that even on older consoles, Cyberpunk 2077 will work in stable 30 frames per second over time, but everything can still be relatively far away. In addition, the players are not supposed to expect miracles in the case of the next-gen upgrade – it is not to be released in the foreseeable future and it will allegedly not be anything worth talking about.

Finally, we would like to point out once again that the information from the alleged developer cannot be confirmed or refuted and must be followed in this spirit. The statements of the parties to a possible version of the game for Switch, or identification through a note that the developer studied in Mumbai, seem strange. However, since the contributions in the cited thread cannot be identified, the contributions beginning with the obligatory “OP here” (author of the article – editor’s note) could be written by anyone.

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