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The Alfawise V8S vacuum cleaner at 100 € instead of 217 €

This Alfawise V8S smart vacuum cleaner focuses on the essentials: high suction power, a good battery, a quiet motor and sensors to optimize cleaning. It is also very inexpensive and delivered quickly.

Robotic and autonomous vacuum cleaners are a well-known concept. Except that this Alfawise V8S offers a strong argument compared to its competitors: the price. AT 100 € with shipping costs included, it’s a business to seize! It is of course possible to program the route of the device in advance even if it can very well orient itself on its own thanks to its battery of sensors.

Quiet, the V8S is all the same powerful with its 1300 Pascal allowing to easily suck up animal hair, small gravel, etc. It also contains a 350 ml dust container: no need to empty it every 10 minutes. In terms of autonomy, the Alfawise V8S recharges itself at its base and allows it to operate for 1h30 at full power thanks to its 2600 mAh battery. Delivered with its remote control, you can of course control it from your smartphone with the WeBack app. Note that the device also allows you to pass certain obstacles and that it has a vacuum sensor to prevent falls at the top of stairs for example.

Why do we recommend the Alfawise V8S?

  • Silencer with adjustable power (from 880 to 1300 Pa)
  • A high-performance device at a low price
  • It cleans 120 m² in a single charge!
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