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The 7 Best Deals To Make Your Home Smarter (ADV)

Bosch is a well-known brand for top quality household appliances. But did you know that you can also use the reliable Bosch products to create a smart home? Think of lighting, security and smart radiator controls. You can check here how that works and what the best deals are!

New range at tink: smart home products from Bosch

At tink you will now also find a wide range of smart home products from Bosch to make your home, office or business a little smarter. The Smart Home Controller is the basis of your Bosch system. This allows you to easily coordinate all devices within your Bosch Smart Home System. You can combine and connect all smart products, so you can easily create your ideal smart home.

The controller receives the commands you give via the smart home app, voice control or universal switch. It then sends these commands to the relevant devices such as your lighting or thermostat. With the smart home app you can even send orders when you are not at home. This way you always have your smart home or office within reach. In addition, installation is very simple, you only need a smartphone and a router with internet connection to start!

7 Bosch deals to create your ideal smart home

Check out the 7 best Bosch smart home deals to kickstart your smart home. You can choose from various basic starter kits, including smart lighting, smart radiator buttons, smart plugs or security cameras.

1. Bosch Smart Home Controller: from € 339.75 for € 219.95

Including 3x radiator knob and free Universal Switch Flex

With the smart radiator buttons you discover the convenience of smart heating. For example, you can set time schedules so that your home starts heating up before you get home. Or save money and energy by automatically switching off your heating as soon as you leave the house or office.

2. Bosch Smart Home Controller: from € 429.79 for € 299.95

Includes 2x radiator buttons, Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance, a Bluetooth Starter Kit and free Universal Switch Flex.

With the Bosch Smart Home Controller, you enable wireless communication between the various smart products. Connect the controller to your router and control all connected devices via the smart home app. For example, connect the smart radiator buttons and Philips Hue kit to control your heating and lighting from one app, indoors or outdoors!

3. Bosch Smart Home Controller: from € 339.75 for € 219.95

Includes 3x smart plug and free Universal Switch Flex

With the three smart plugs from Bosch you can make the current products in your home ‘smart’ and link them to your Bosch smart home system. For example, you can use such a plug for your favorite room lamp. Then simply link it to your smart home app and you can control it from a distance. Or set time schedules to control when specific devices turn on or off automatically.

4. Bosch Smart Home outdoor camera and indoor camera: from € 599.90 for € 499.95

With this outdoor and indoor camera from Bosch, you can protect your home both indoors and outdoors. Thanks to the 360-degree viewing angle, you can fully visualize every room or room. You can also communicate via the cameras and address someone who is outside your door or in your garden, for example. If you are not at home, you can view the images directly via the app.

5. Bosch Smart Home 360 ​​° – indoor camera 2-Pack: from € 499.90 for € 429.95

Don’t you need an outdoor camera? Then the Bosch indoor camera 2-pack might be something for you. These cameras also have a wide angle of view of 360 degrees, so that every corner of the room remains in view. In addition, this camera has a stylish design that makes it fit into any interior. Thanks to the night vision function, motion sensor and two-way communication, it is the ideal camera to secure a chosen space. Do you not want extra eyes inside your home, workplace or office? Then turn off the cameras at the touch of a button with privacy mode.

6. Bosch Smart Home Controller: from € 409.75 for € 289.95

Includes 2x Smart Plug + Philips Hue White Ambiance E27 Bluetooth Starter Kit and free Universal Switch Flex

Do you not know where to start with your smart home and do you actually want to try ‘a bit of everything’? Then this starter kit with smart plugs and a Philips Hue kit is definitely for you. With these products you make a good start for your ideal smart home. You can then expand considerably with other smart home products from Bosch or with products from Philips Hue.

7. Bosch Smart Home 360 ​​° indoor camera: from € 249.95 for € 229.95

Are two cameras a bit too much for your home or apartment? Then you can of course also opt for one indoor camera from Bosch. With the same advantages as 360 degree angle of view, night vision, motion sensors and two-way communication, this camera offers a safe feeling. Watch the images that are made within your home or office live, even when you are on the road.

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