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The 5 best Android apps in the Play Store From Week 2, 2019


Android Planet selects the latest, most interesting and best Android apps and games every Sunday and puts them in a handy list. In the second week of 2019 we have five cool Android apps for you. Read on soon!

1. Google Podcasts


Google Podcasts has finally received support for Android Auto. The feature was previously discovered, but is now available in the latest update of the Google app. The Podcasts app interface is quite simple and consists of four parts: your podcasts, new episodes, downloads and ‘busy’. If you use the Android Auto app on your smartphone, you can access Google Podcasts by tapping the button on the bottom right (the headset) and then selecting the app.

When playing a podcast you will see buttons for playing the next (or previous episode) and you can fast forward with 10 seconds or 30 seconds. If you want to use Google Podcasts in Android Auto, you need to install the latest beta of the Google app on your smartphone.

Download the beta of the Google app in the Play Store (free)

Or download Google Podcasts in the Play Store (free)

2. Idagio


Most people have enough to Spotify, but for fans of classical music the offer is somewhat scanty. The streaming service Idagio plays on this. The Spotify competitor focuses on an exclusive offer of classical music. Music is not sorted in the classical format of song, artist or album, but by composer, ensemble, soloist or composer.

So if you search for a particular work, you will get different versions to compare with each other, just like in Spotify (with some songs) you can listen to both the studio version and live recording. You can of course add all these works to self-made playlists.

Download Idagio in the Play Store (free)

3. Stoop

Stoop is comparable to a podcast app, but for newsletters. All your subscriptions are collected at a central location and you can unsubscribe quickly. In addition, it is a handy app to discover interesting newsletters. During registration you will receive a special e-mail address from the app. You use this when you register for a newsletter, so that all websites send their messages to your special Stoop-mail. Your normal mail address will not be overloaded with mailings from companies.

Stoop manages all your newsletters in a central location. Not only do you immediately see how many subscriptions you have, it is also a lot easier to immediately sign out when the newsletter is not interesting. You do this at the touch of a button.

Download Stoop in the Play Store (free)

4. Flipflop Solitaire

Flipflop Solitaire turns the famous card game Patience upside down with new rules. These rules are made up to make the game playable on a vertical smartphone screen. That may sound strange, but it turns out to be a particularly successful way to revive this game.

The game was released a few months ago, but is still fun to play. Even for newcomers, who hardly know the card game, Flipflop Solitaire is suitable. The game provides a simple explanation and then lets you get started.

Download Flipflop Solitaire in the Play Store (free)

5. Google Play Books

Instead of Material Design 2, Google now works with Material Theming. This means that the company will stop new rules for, among other things, buttons, colors and fonts in a theme. The teams behind the various Google apps can then test and roll out this theme whenever they want. Now it’s time for Google Play Books.

Like the other apps, this Material Theme provides white backgrounds, a new font and icons that consist only of lines. In addition, there are also some small changes. The cards for individual books look different, so there is more room for the titles and smaller covers are displayed. The update is gradually rolled out to everyone.

Download Google Play Books in the Play Store (free)


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