The 4 best iPhone apps, games and updates of the week (#22 – 2021)

Easily control your smart lighting, pay with Apple Pay and an app for an overview of your household. This is our weekly roundup of the best iPhone apps, games and updates.

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1. Philips Hue

The Philips Hue app has been given a major makeover. The app for smart Philips lighting has a new design, all kinds of new functions and, above all, has become clearer.

The home screen, among other things, has been completely overhauled. This now shows all your rooms and zones so that you can control the lighting directly. Furthermore, Routines have given way to Automations, and they have become smarter. You can read exactly how this works in our article about the major update for the Philips Hue app.

Philips Hue

Philips Hue

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2. Apple Pay for Knab

Good news for Knab customers. Last week, the internet bank added Apple Pay. As a result, you can pay wirelessly almost anywhere with your iPhone, Apple Watch or iPad (if you wish). You can also debit online purchases with Apple Pay.

knab apple pay featured

Before you can pay, you still need to add your debit card to your iPhone. Have no idea how to do this? Then read our article about linking Apple Pay with Knab. Paying with Apple Pay is free, in addition to the usual bank charges.

Knab Banking

3. Firefox

Another major update last week. Do you use Firefox on your Mac, iPhone or iPad? Then the browser will look very different. Firefox has, among other things, changed the design. The new minimalist design tries to distract users as little as possible.

The search bar has also been given a fresh look and several separate menus have been merged to create one panel. Furthermore, open tabs will now float at the top of the URL bar and Firefox has added all kinds of extra privacy options.

Firefox: Private, Safe Browser

Firefox: Private, Safe Browser


4. Under My Roof

What is your biggest purchase ever? For many people this is their home. The new Under My Roof app can best be seen as an accounting system, but for your home. This sounds very boring, but it works very nicely. For example, you can use Under My Roof to store the receipt from your new bank, and thus calculate the exact debit.

The app offers an overview of the value of your house and belongings, and is also easy when you move house, for example, because you can put all your belongings in one list, including all information. It is a pity that you can only add ten items for free, after which you have to pay: 2.99 euros per month, or 19.99 euros per year.

Under My Roof

Under My Roof

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