The 4 best iPhone apps and games of the week (#28 – 2021)

Fluttering through space, what happened in history today and how can you best discover new music? All that and more in this weekly roundup of the best iPhone apps.

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1. Rabisco

Don’t let the cute design of Rabisco fool you. The game is quite spicy. In Rabisco you play as the little cloud of the same name who tries to light up the world again by collecting stars. These are scattered throughout the levels.

Meanwhile, you have to avoid enemy attacks and use the environment as useful as possible. There are all kinds of dynamic elements that try to thwart you. For the real fanatics there is also an accelerated mode in Rabisco. Chaos and fun guaranteed. Rabisco plays best on the iPad.



Crescent Moon Games

2. Historian

Are you also crazy about historical facts? Then take a look at Historico. This app presents you daily historical facts. For example, you will find out which famous people in history were born today, and which have just died.

If you feel like it, you can read directly from the app about important events from the past. Also cool: you can place Historico widgets on the home screen of your iPhone. The app is also completely free, although the developer is thinking about offering a subscription in the future.

Historico - Today in History

Historico – Today in History

mate pappa

3. Jinx

It can be quite difficult to discover new music. If you want to look outside the filter bubble of her or his music service for a while, you should try the new app Jinx. This app analyzes your music taste and then tries to come up with a matching, but also surprising playlist.

Jinx therefore sometimes proposes songs that resemble the songs you already listen to, but also regularly presents surprises. You need an Apple Music subscription. Jinx itself also costs money: 1.99 euros per month. Fortunately, you can try the musical comrade for free for seven days.

Jinx - Music Recommendations

Jinx – Music Recommendations

Pawan Dixit

4. FitnessView

Are you also under the spell of pedometers, counting calories and living as healthy as possible? Maybe FitnessView is your new favorite app. Developed by the people behind Calory, this app combines health data from your Apple Watch and the Health app into one beautiful overview.

Best iPhone apps of the week

With FitnessView, for example, you can see at a glance how your calorie consumption, sleeping hours and active minutes are. The app also tells you if you are not sitting too much and you can place all kinds of health widgets on the iPhone home screen.



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