the 4 best alternatives to WhatsApp

Are you done with WhatsApp? You’re not alone: ​​more and more people are turning their backs on the Facebook subsidiary. But, via which app can you chat with family and friends? In our opinion, these are the best alternatives to WhatsApp.

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4 alternatives to WhatsApp

WhatsApp was bought by Facebook in 2014. While the former firmly claimed to adhere to its core values, lately we see the two creeping closer together. WhatsApp requires non-European users, for example, to share their data with Facebook.

This goes wrong for many users. After all, Facebook does not have a flawless reputation when it comes to privacy. From the large-scale Cambridge Analytica scandal, multiple data leaks to passwords that have been public for a long time: Facebook and privacy are by no means always a good combination.

This list is therefore for people who want to turn their backs on the Facebook chat app, for example because they are concerned about privacy. In no particular order, you can try these WhatsApp alternatives.

1. Signal

Signal has been on the rise lately. The app essentially does the same as WhatsApp, but is slightly less extensive. Fortunately, Signal is very good at what it is meant for: chatting. Messages are encrypted by default and the ‘key’ that gives access remains on your iPhone, and is therefore not somewhere in the cloud.

It is not without reason that privacy expert and whistleblower Edward Snowden is enthusiastic about Signal. In fact, he even recommends the app. This is partly because Signal can never know what your conversations are about, because of the aforementioned encryption. The app is also very resistant to external attacks. Hijackers can never just intercept your messages.

Unfortunately, Signal is not completely anonymous. You must provide a telephone number during registration. The app (which is also available for Android) does not have a crystal-clear revenue model, but is maintained by donations. You can leave an amount via the Signal website.

Signal: private messaging app

Signal: private messaging app

Signal Messenger, LLC

2. Telegram

Those looking for WhatsApp alternatives will sooner or later end up with Telegram. This app has hundreds of millions of users worldwide, an enthusiastic following and is quite innovative in its features. You can create huge group conversations or set up theme channels, among other things. Telegram is therefore popular among podcast makers, for example, who maintain contact with their listeners via the app.

It is also fine in terms of accessibility. Telegram is active on almost all platforms, so you can just app from your Mac / PC, without being connected to your iPhone or Android device. The app is free to use, but you can unlock additional functions for a fee. Think of certain stickers and services for companies.

Telegram video calling

Telegram is patting itself on the back for its secure encryption protocol (aes-256), but has also faced criticism in the past. Messages are stored on the servers of the WhatsApp alternative, instead of on the smartphones of users.

Telegram Messenger

Telegram Messenger

Telegram FZ-LLC

3. Surespot

Surespot is probably one of the most secure alternatives to WhatsApp. You can use the app almost completely anonymously. For example, your chat history is encrypted and stored locally on your smartphone. For example, Surespot does not know who you are in contact with.

It also remains guesswork about the content. Messages are in fact with end-to-end encryption encrypted and the delivery of apps to the server is done via a very secure protocol (ssl / tls). Furthermore, Surespot does not share information with third parties and, like Signal, the app depends on donations.

Whatsapp alternatives surespot

That said, there are also drawbacks to the WhatsApp alternative. The most striking is the user-friendliness. Or rather, the lack thereof. If you want to chat with someone else, you must, for example, invite them via her / his account name. It is also a pity that Surespot is anything but popular. So you really have to convince friends and acquaintances to give this WhatsApp replacement a try. Finally, the app looks a bit old-fashioned.

surespot encrypted messenger

surespot encrypted messenger

surespot llc

4. Wire

Finally, Wire cannot be missed when it comes to privacy-conscious WhatsApp alternatives. The messaging app describes itself as the most secure chat service on the market. Whether that statement is 100 percent correct, we will leave open for now, but the fact remains that the security is in order.

Wire secures messages with end-to-end encryption and video calls are also encrypted. In other words: the content of conversations is therefore not visible to others. In addition, everything is stored locally on your phone, so you are not dependent on the security of Wire servers.

The chat app also has disadvantages. For example, you cannot text completely anonymously. You have to register with a phone number or e-mail. It is also a pity that Wire keeps track of how you use the app. In its own words, the app does this to improve technology.

Wire • Secure Messenger

Wire • Secure Messenger

Wire Swiss GmbH

More privacy tips

In recent years, Apple has been more committed to the privacy and security of user data. In the video below, we give you an overview of the most important privacy tips that you can implement yourself. Also read our article on how popular video calling services handle your privacy.

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