You can never do THAT. Or is it? Some made it, and either they were simply masters, invested an infinite amount of time in a game, or were lucky. Do you have any of these trophies?

Video game culture

Some tasks in games are outright sadistic in their degree of difficulty or the timethat you will need to fully master them. But there is usually a nice digital trophy that you can brag about. Well, do you have any of those particularly nasty successes? If so, you can pat yourselves on the shoulder from us:

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The 30 toughest trophies and achievements in video game history

There is a bit of Dark Souls in every game, at least when it comes to some of the trophies and the frustration that can come with it. At least there are easy trophies to compensate, yes even Platinum trophies that you can bag with almost no effort. Fits: Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice can be completely completed in the first or second run without any problems, and you don’t even have to do much for that.